Cook Co. jail inmates clap for suspect in cop’s fatal shooting


CHICAGO – Cook County Jail officials said they plan to take action against several inmates who clapped for the man accused of shooting a police commander.

The jail released video showing about five inmates clapping as Shomari Legghette walked into his court hearing on Thursday.

Those inmates were being held in a cell waiting to see a judge when Legghette walked by. 

Legghette was charged with first-degree murder, felon in possession of a firearm and possession of narcotics in connection with the death of Cmdr. Paul Bauer.

He appeared in bond court Thursday morning where his bond was denied.

The judge called him a “real and present” threat to the community after hearing the details of the murder and about Legghette’s lengthy criminal record that includes battery, armed robbery and felony drug charges dating back 20 years.

Cook Co. jail inmates clap for suspect in cop’s fatal shooting

5 thoughts on “Cook Co. jail inmates clap for suspect in cop’s fatal shooting

    1. But this is the bull-pen crew. Maybe they don’t want descriptions of bad behavior making its way to the judge they’re waiting to see.

  1. Under what theory of law do these jail overlords think they can “take action against several inmates”? If their applause for a cop killer is not protected free speech, then under what premise do they see it as actionable? Did they get their brainwashed minds triggered by the peaceful actions of others? If that’s the case, then perhaps these creatures do not have the mature mindset needed to hold charge over others for pay.

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