Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old Girl: ‘Mommy Am I Gonna Die?’

Yahoo News – Inside Edition

A cop accidentally shot a four-year-old girl while responding to an incident inside her home.

Her mother, Andrea Ellis, had cut her arm on some glass in her house near Columbus, Ohio, and her sister called 911 for help.  

“She’s bleeding all over the place!” her sister said in the call. “I need a paramedic!”

By coincidence, a cop on a routine call happened to be on the block. She called out to him for help.

“Sir, can you get me a paramedic?! I need a paramedic here!” she said.

But as the cop approached the house, events took a horrific turn. Cops said the family pet – a boxer-terrier mix named Patches, charged at the officer.

The cop fired his gun, and the bullet hit Andrea’s four-year-old daughter, Ava, in the leg, shattering the bone.

“She asked me several times, ‘Mommy, am I gonna die?'” Andrea Ellis told INSIDE EDITION.

Then a neighbor called 911. “My neighbor across the street had an officer at her door and she’s screaming that he shot a child,” said the neighbor.

Police dashcam video shows the chaos in the immediate aftermath. Medics and cops descended on the house.

“They had started to cut her pants off her and I just see blood everywhere,” her mother said.

Ava was rushed to the hospital and has a large scar on her leg after surgery. But now back at home, she’s recovering from her injury.

Columbus police say they are “grateful to learn that [Ava’s] healing is under way” after she was “unintentionally shot.” The investigation is ongoing.

7 thoughts on “Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old Girl: ‘Mommy Am I Gonna Die?’

  1. Bill Buppurt has a couple excerpts from a book he is working on at
    they are worth a read in light of this post.

  2. We’re lucky to have hero cops on the job. The woman’s arm was cut, so the idiot arrives, tries to shoot the dog, and takes out the kid instead.

    This is why you need two cops in every car. If he had a partner with him, they would have been able to pump a few rounds into the tree house, just to make sure her little brother was safe too.

    They’re trigger happy, stupid, frustrated, angry, usually addicted to steroids, and their boss encourages brutality. This is NOT who you want to call for help, but I guess everyone has to learn about police the hard way.

  3. No one that I know of has to shoot a dog that runs at them. Every day we see articles about cops that shoot dogs that are not even attacking. Before they are even hired for the force they should have to state if they are inherently scared of dogs. We can be put in jail and have big fines for cruelty to animals but the cops are free and eager to shoot dogs for just being dogs. I hope the family sues big time for the recklessness of this idiot officer.

    1. Before they’re hired for the force they’re given the “Minnesota multi-phasic personality exam” just to make sure they lack empathy, and have no qualms about shooting dogs, or people.

      They were hired because they have no conscience, and tested for that lack of humanity. And anyone who scores too high on an I.Q. test isn’t hired either, because they only want idiots who’ll shoot without doing too much thinking.

      These facts of police department hiring came out in court, when applicants sued police departments for not hiring them on the grounds that they’re too smart, or too human.

  4. Well, at least the officer wasn’t injured. That’s what matters. If this brave superhero had used a less potent means of dealing with that vicious family pet, he might have ended up getting bitten or getting his uniform dirty. So this could have turned out a lot worse.

    You can’t be too careful with your own safety when you’re a noble public servant.

  5. I call these cops the ” killer clowns ” you can’t miss them.
    They wear a killer clown uniform.
    They drive a killer clown.. car that says Police.
    Which really means they enforce corporate Policy = Police.
    But they’re not the ones to be afraid of or fear….
    It’s all the unmarked gestapo cars that look like your old Ford Taurus and 1995 GMC pickup parked at your neighbour’s house.
    I’ve seen these bastards pull people over and throw a Starsky and Hutch cop light on their auto roofs… in Henderson Nevada ..Jew kike suburb next to Vegas….where Dirty Harry the now one eyed pirate lives among the jew overlords. So keep an eye out for unmarked spook vehicles.

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