Cop Knocks Woman’s Teeth Out For Walking Past Him In Texas

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Another cop in Texas has been arrested and jailed for not only illegally arresting a woman but for knocking her teeth out in the process. The incident took place after the 22-year old victim had the audacity to walk past this cop after he had made a traffic stop. This is certainly NOT an isolated incident as the several graphic and disturbing videos below from similar incidents within the past year alone clearly show.

A police officer in San Marcos is in jail after arresting a pedestrian who police say didn’t break the law.  

Corporal James Angelo Palermo, 40, conducted a traffic stop on May 29 during his midnight shift patrol near 126 S. Guadalupe Street.

According to the arrest affidavit, Palermo stopped a Toyota Prius shortly after 1:00 a.m. for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and began questioning the driver.

A pedestrian walking by was called over by Palermo and asked why she was walking by his traffic stop. He then asked for the woman’s identification.

When the woman insisted she had done nothing wrong Palermo slammed her against the Prius; then onto the concrete driveway near his patrol car.

Upon further investigation supervisors found the woman had lost two teeth and suffered a concussion during the illegal arrest.

Palermo was arrested for aggravated assault by a public servant. The woman is currently being treated for her injuries and could require further surgery, according to the affidavit.

9 thoughts on “Cop Knocks Woman’s Teeth Out For Walking Past Him In Texas

  1. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”
    Euripides, Greek tragic dramatist (484 BC – 406 BC)

  2. Why do Police Departments Continue to hire such Brainless Roid Headed “Liability Lawsuit” timebomb thugs?

    This kind of crap is already at the epidemic level now.

  3. IMHO, police brutality has escalated to the horrifying epidemic level we see now because there’s an agenda at work. The whole idea is to instill public fear of law enforcement authorities, and thus create a compliant society that is easily controlled and repressed by the State. I think cops are being ordered, or at least encouraged, to bully citizens, rough them up, crack skulls, arrest them for no damn reason, and trample on their rights as often as possible. Who is giving this order? I have no idea. But it seems very odd to me that this tide of police violence has swept across the country unabated without any public official demanding a stop to it, without the courts handing down appropriate criminal charges and punishments for the guilty officers, and without police departments addressing this issue in a serious manner.

  4. We need to make cops personally responsible for their crimes and misdeeds by requiring them to purchase liability and malpractice insurance. When they brutalize innocents and get sued their insurance pays the lawsuit instead of the taxpayer and the cop’s insurance premiums go up. Soon the thug cops can’t afford to pay the insurance and can’t work as cops.

    1. insurance?, bs We got to take them fkers into what street justice means. Screw them cops dammit! They say that they went to their SO CALLED F`N ACADEMY so F them POS. Hold them lowlifes accountable.

  5. I spent 20,000 dollars on my youngest daughters teeth,before she was 18 years old,HAD THAT been my girl,THE CHIEF of police would now be missing all his teeth,cause I would have pulled them out with a pair of vice grip pliers,wheather he was awake or not when I did it,and him and his butt buddy friend who knocks out young girls teeth would know how losing you teeth feels…………………………

  6. It’s well known that for some time representatives of our police departments
    have been sent to Israel for “training”, and Israeli police are coming here and training more. It’s no big secret.

  7. “The incident took place after the 22-year old victim had the audacity to walk past this cop after he had made a traffic stop.”

    WTH was this idiot on?

    They need to drug test this POS.

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