Cop Pulled Over A Man What happened Next Is Terrifying!

Published on Aug 1, 2016 by Chatty Drop

Watch the video and it will surely leave you speechless..

It’s fair to say that cops in America do not have the best reputation at the moment. A string of controversial incidents across the country in the last few years has seen confidence in the boys in blue at an all time low.

So when this cop decides to pull over a young couple for seemingly no reason, the pair are more than justified in feeling concerned. The cop approaches the car and asks the man for his licence and registration, which he duly obliges. But this isn’t enough for the cop. Even though this seems nothing but a minor traffic violation, he orders the man out of the car, then makes him kneel on the ground with his hands behind his back. The officer then also orders the woman out of the car, and makes her stand by him.

By this point, the woman is petrified. And what happens next? I couldn’t believe my eyes!

6 thoughts on “Cop Pulled Over A Man What happened Next Is Terrifying!

  1. Terrifying is right…..looks like this poor guy is getting MARRIED!!!!

    A few years in the slammer would have been a lot easier.

    1. Hey you guys, sometimes it’s real, I mean the love. Sometimes it’s thick or thin, a best friend forever. Commitment holds much opportunity for growth. And that old saying: “It works if you work it.” I’m 37 years in and it’s become the gift of gifts. Yeah, just like nature, there are storms, but they usually have hidden gifts. It may be rare but true love does exist and is worth going after and protecting. I imagine I’ll get slammed for this “old-fashioned” perspective, but let’s just say it’s my way of going up against the state. Try this song:


      1. Lee,
        Sometimes a person buys a bad car, a lemon, a clunker, a worthless piece of shit. That doesn’t mean all cars are likewise, just means they chose the wrong car.
        Not to compare women with cars, it is just the notion.
        Something tells me Jolly bought a bad car at some point in his life, and that is okay.
        I have been lucky in my life with both cars and my woman. 🙂

        1. Thanks, Henry. I’m sorry there are lemons out there, I just hope we never stop fighting for love. All the programming is turning us the other way. May any (married or single) who have been done-to by “clunkers” be blessed with a sweet ride.

        2. yep, had a few clunkers in my day,( not cars, those I can fix) just didnt hold them to a contract so relatively easy to let them go
          My lovely Wife is my soul mate , and very worthy of my attention and protection ..I dont and wont look to another , shes my best friend

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