8 thoughts on “When A Cop Won’t Answer “Am I Being Detained?”

  1. If they won’t answer you in the affirmative or negative on being detained, then just assume you’re free to go and leave. I don’t know why so many people feel the need to waste their time arguing with these tools. Walking away is the litmus test for this game. If they physically stop you then guess what; you’re being detained, and it’s time to shut your mouth. And if they’re detaining you with no justification, then you’re getting paid.

    1. I’m not walking away
      He is

      Than I know for fact I’m free to go ,( even if only in his mind)

      If I’m allowed to be and do what I’m doing
      Why should I have to leave after asking if I’m free to go

      Maybe I was just checking to see if I was being detained
      Actually if I’m not being detained
      He should be leaving
      Because his services are not required
      And he has a job to do that doesn’t involve committing acts of lawlessness ( I know , I even said that last part with a straight face )

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