Cops Beat Female Shoplifter – Caught On Camera

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos

Despite all the honest, good cops out there, recently there has been a slew of police brutality instances caught on camera, as is the example shown in the video below.

Brandie Redell, 34, was admittedly shoplifting, was caught and brought to the security offer where two Quad Cities police officers were present. Redell was on the phone and the cop rushes over to her, pushes her down and proceeds to start beating her.  

Redell’s infant daughter was in the room at the time.

The brutal beating was so bad the woman was left with an eye injury that has permanently left her vision impaired.

Via the video details: reports that Redell called her boyfriend asking him to pick up their daughter, when the officer heard Redell’s boyfriends’ name, he told Redell, “This is going to get ugly quick.”

Redell’s boyfriend, James Gibson, is a “community activist who had some some sensitivity training with the department when it comes to race and officers dealing with the public,” according to Reason.

It is very clear from the video below that the woman was sitting on the other side of the room and it was the police that approached her, knocked her to floor then the cops can be seen punching her over and over.

Davenport police chief, Frank Donchez claims that after an investigation into the incident, “discipline was handed out,” and the two officers are now back on the job.

No details on what that discipline involved.

21 thoughts on “Cops Beat Female Shoplifter – Caught On Camera

  1. Are any of these cops other than militaristic training on any of these SSRI
    drugs if so they should not be working. From the material I have read these drugs do mess ones brain up. Violence is one of the side effects. Either violence to self or others. This needs to be looked into. Someone?

    1. I would say that these ssri drugs are not good for most people however they do have there purpose. However, I would have to say that cops are more likely on steroids. SSRI drugs have been around for many many years but only in the last 5 – 10 years has there been much noise about them. I realy think that these cops are more likely on them damned steroids and are roided out.

    2. I have been the manager of a large facility for many years, that employs ~1500 people. Occassionally, we experience a “workplace violence” incident. Over 95% of the time, the aggressor was taking an anti-depressant medication.

  2. I can’t even read this trash, because the author’s blatant lying stopped me at the first sentence.

    “Despite all the honest, good cops out there”

    Show me ONE “honest, good cop”, Susan Duclos. Why are you perpetuating this myth of “good cops” when we know they’re trained to be bad cops by the ADL, are encouraged by their superiors to be bad cops by never being punished for crimes, and murder someone every week with the full support and cover-up assistance of their fellow cops?

    Where does the “good cop” come from in that equation, you lying, stinking, low-life, trashy, WHORE???

    Is your Daddy a cop? Then he’s a lying, low-life piece of crap, just like you. They’re ALL bad or at least ONE of them would speak out against being part of the gang of thugs they’ve become.

  3. this officer and thousands of others, must be forgiven, and given time to change. you see while they were busy cleaning up our communities from gangs and drugs they became a little violent. look around your city or town notice there are no gangs, no drugs pretty much no crime at all. well we have the police to thank for doing this for us. so lets forgive them and give them time to become clear thinking rational caring men , real men with hearts and souls again as they make the transition back.

    1. Are you kidding me. You say ” lets forgive them and give them time to become clear thinking rational men, real men with hearts and souls again”. Well f you skipnclair and that goes for all of them damned cops and their spawn kids and whorish wives. You have got to be kidding you cop loving sob. They go out of their way to ruin peoples live and you say forgive them. When the SHTF there will be a rope for you cop lovers like you as well as them cops and govt. workers.

    2. wow skippy. Must be nice to live in an alternate reality, where never is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day.

      Bet you put out milk & cookies for Santy Claus every Christmas too.

      1. Wow Skippy!
        You really have no clue do you?
        If this, or if worse happened to your family member I don’t think you would be saying the same thing.

        1. I think skippy has a clue because I think that he/she is a fed. It has been a long time since I ever heard of someone volunteering for the local police dept.s just to volunteer and then to say he is infilterating them, LOL. If this guy isn`t a paid fed then I think that he is a snitch that got busted and made a deal to work for the cops. Maybe the guy is a lowlifed street snitch that burned so many people that this is his only safe place for him to be and still FEEL safe. I don`t understand these kind of rot. He reminds me of that guy BentSpear and I was getting on last night. Hell, he just might be the same one

          1. Yep Digger, thinking along those lines…..This being nice stuff is for the birds lol!
            I missed what you were talking about last night?! Which topic?

          2. Not sure but I do know that mee and BentSpear did kind of call him out. He was another cop lover too. I just don`t understand those kinds. Geeze I am looking for that artice. I think that it was that articl about when them cop went through the window and shot those good peoples dog. Thatv realy bothers me when cops do that but I do think that that is the article RT. Talk to ya soon I hope 🙂

          3. That’s okay Digger, I still might run across it. Searching for info I lost on a hard drive awhile back for an article…..I had a good trail going 🙁 wish me luck! Yep be talking with ya soon 🙂

  4. The problem with “all the honest, good cops out there” is that they will always cover for the crooked, thuggish, and rape happy, cops that are out there.

  5. If there are still good cops, I can’t recall them anymore, last I knew, I was present at their funeral. (and I was)

    But this was 1990 ish….

  6. What the hell are you talking about? THERE ARE NO HONEST GOOD COPS. All cops are worse than shit and deserve to be exterminated.

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