Cops Enforce LIFETIME Ban From ALL WalMart Stores for Open Carrying

Published on Sep 10, 2019

Besides the OBVIOUS IRONY and HYPOCRISY that 7 men WITH guns were making one man leave because he had A GUN….the guy did NOT have to sign that form. They can’t force you to agree to terms you don’t agree with. What if he DIDN’T sign it? What could they have done? I know most of you wouldn’t have been in Walmart in the first place. But if you were…would you have signed it? This is yet another example of “law” enforcement ORDER FOLLOWERS being granted special rights over the non-law-enforcement class.

7 thoughts on “Cops Enforce LIFETIME Ban From ALL WalMart Stores for Open Carrying

  1. Walmart prices arent cheap anymore, fk Walmart, carry concealed, carry more rounds.

    If you saved one of these mafia hitmans lives, by using your weapon, they would give you a fkg key to the city.

    If everybody stopped going to Walmart, the rules would change.

    1. Walmart just enabled more bad people to inflict terror and hurt on honest American Nationals. What is happening is a tyrannical government agent to disable you from self protection. Those VISABLE WEAPONS save lives, especially when some other scum bag is about to pull his weapon to inflict needless pain.

      Bad thing happen in this world, EVERYBODY DIES! This tyrannical government agent has just prevented you from our god given right to protect yourself. Those visable weapons are a deterrent, it saves lives when visable. COPS CANNOT AND WILL NOT stop bad things from happening.

      This action by Walmart is nothing more than a well planned reaction to these goddamned false flags happening all over the country. This is the argument being talked about on all of the propaganda shows all over the country at current. Again, this whole damn thing has been well planned out, years ago, it just is starting to come to blossom now.

      Not surprising at all.

      1. This is going to seriously crush Wal Mart. It always was an unamerican institution so screw them. I don’t need wal mart in order to live so they won’t be getting another dollar from this guy, and I’m sure that’s one of many millions at this rate. It’s bad enough they outsourced all their products from China. This is the last straw for many of us.

  2. 7.8 billion dollars per year in federal subsides for Wal Mart yet some joe blow american national who gets about 10 dollars a day to keep himself from starving is the problem. I think we are being lied to.

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