Cops Kill Man Watering His Plants 

Police shoot and kill a man because they thought his hose nozzle was a pistol. Another tragic and uneccessary death. Condolences to the victim’s family.

24 thoughts on “Cops Kill Man Watering His Plants

  1. It’s hard to believe that the police could not have taken a different approach to this situation.

    Seems like they are all salivating for an excuse to execute a citizen.

  2. Of course cops are going to say anything to justify their actions. Look at them cops standing there with the F U look on their faces. Nothing is going to happen to these cops. We the people have got to fight fire with fire and in that thought I think that some family member would be justified to blow each and every cops head off that was involved in this shooting as a accessory to murder. If this was just a one time thing or if these cops would be held accountable for their actions then maybe things would be different but when was the last time a cop was even fired for things like this. Drew Peterson from Chicago is the last one I recall getting sent to prison and that was just making it look good for them. Yep it is time to fight fire with fire People and make the cops pay with out help from the courts or going to prison they must pay with their lives. EYE FOR A EYE. !!!

  3. Look at the two zombie policeman behind the police chief in the video. Especially the taller one behind him on the right side. They don’t even know what just happened. The cops all look like they are on drugs. This is who is suppose to be protecting us? And who was the caller/snitch? No information on him. How do we know he wasn’t some guy working for them? Notice how the police chief describes the situation of how he held his object like a pistol grip gun to justify his actions. Bullshit and more bullshit. COWARDS!!! There will be no justice, especially on this one. The cops just gave themselves a two week paid vacation and will be back on duty by the end of the month when everything cools down and the sheeple forget like they always do or until the next big thing pops up. Welcome to Amerika!

    1. That is why we all got to take justice into our own hands if we want anything to change. Not a damned thing is going to happen to them cops, not a GD thing and they know it and that is why they do what they do because they don`t think anyone will do anything. Time for street justice I think don`t you NC and just say F the courts when it comes to the cops eh NC.

        1. Yep NC and we all got to share our lists. That is why I front out them FBI and DEA c*ck s*ckers here. Yep I will let every one know who they are just like they do to us all damnit. And I am proud to do that too:) lets get them pigs. They have ruined/murdered too many lives already

          1. Yes mam RT we are checkin` that list on them and checkin` it twice for accuracy 🙂

    1. What do you mean “run”cybro. We got to stand up to them punk cops. Running doesn`t solve anything, and infact that is why cops think that they are above the law. They love to intimidate people and by running from them encourages them to keep on doing what they are doing. It is time we all start standing up to those pigs and start busting some heads and putting the boot to them piggish F`ers and that goes for their snitches too!!!

    2. Boy you said it, Digs. Why the hell would you run, Cybro? Grow some balls, dude. FIGHT BACK! And if there are a few more of them than you, then get a group of people to help you. Stop being a coward and start taking action. It’s time to stop running!

      Us “white folk” and everyone else in this country need to stop being passive and start being active by standing our ground and FIGHTING!!

      I guess instead of facing the bully in school, you ran away. I can see you’ve probably been running your whole life.

      WELL I AIN’T RUNNING!! You want to mess with me, then come and get me. I ain’t going anywhere!

      1. Damned right NC. I have done time and I also have had bones broke and had my head beat and I still hold my ground damnit. We all hang tight eh guys. I hope so , because I gave everything to keep the faith and I worked damned hard and sarificed everything for what I got now and I never bullshited anyone to get what I got – yea I really was honest. Yea NC, good lessons. I keep the faith and I love being a a free man. Never forgive, and never forget, and always be thankful for what you do and for what you got and nobody is going to take what I got without a real fight to the death 🙂 Keep the old time faith eh everyone or else they are going to take everything that they can – they will rob ya blind more so than a damned dope dealer.

  4. they’re probably all freemasons. they do what the zionists allow them to do. it would be interesting to know their affiliations and last names. for example, take the name zimmerman said to be white hispanic but once you begin digging you realize zimmerman is a jewish name and a favorite of ashkenazi jews. his father is jewish and mother is peruvian. then theres trayvon martin who supposedly has an older brother with different name but does he. who really knows. his dad is a black masonic retired judge from florida. protocols of zion and freemasonry go hand in hand only because the zionists allow it. the lodges were their idea so the freemasons could lord it over us to feel superior and be their bitch. freemasons also consider the rest of us non masons as goy cattle. little do they know zionists consider them that as well and also decide when they die…from natural causes. so you see not everything is what it seems. the whole zimmerman trayvon martin trial is a distraction and promoting race riots. zionist jew on masonic black crime doesn’t make for a good race war now does it? it could be the martins aren’t even aware they’re being used in this way. who knows. if obama’s speech about trayvon martin isn’t telling i don’t know what is. i’m just repeating what someone else had said only because it just sounds too believable.

    1. Now I remember reading that zimmermans daddy was a F`n judge, and a high buck judge at that. I may be wrong, but that is what I read.

  5. Any time a cop is called to anything like this a group of thugs arrive that are armed,excited and deadly. They kill people all the time across this nation and walk free after the internal investigation show they acted according to the regulations of the department.They the victims families might get told we will look into this bla bla bla.Simple fact is that people are dying for nothing at their hands and it is going to continue as long as the sheep only say baaaah baaaaah and watch the slaughter. Diggerdan is right and so many still don’t want to see it,but soon they will!

    1. You’re absolutely correct, Mick.

      On the other hand, the AshkeNAZI Bolshevik so-called ‘jews’ DID.

  6. what, is the chief trying to place the blame on the guy that was holding the water nozzle wrong? Who comes up with crap like this? Fire the chief get jail time for the two buffoons.

    1. Screw that barry. They have been getting away with this kind of stuff for decades and it is time to take out street justice on the cops. They have been getting a free ride for way too long damnit. It is tim,e for them F`ers to answer up and to pay the price!!!

  7. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but once the SHTF, the blue hats are going to have to wait their turn.

    I’m going to be looking to smoke these POS scumbag cops FIRST.

    Going to start collecting badges before blue hats.

    1. Street address and photos, they’ll bury their costume in the backyard in the middle of the night.

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