Cops Searching for Teenage Illegal Alien for Cartel Assassination Attempt in Texas

Breitbart – by ILDEFONSO ORTIZ

LUBBOCK, Texas — Cops are on the hunt for a previously deported 14-year-old illegal alien suspected of trying to execute a teenaged human smuggler on the Texas border in an apparent cartel hit. The victim in the case had a lengthy criminal history that had already resulted in two deaths.

While details remain unknown, investigators with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office began looking into the case on Sunday when they found a 16-year-old with a gunshot wound to the head inside a crashed vehicle. The victim survived the hit but ended up dying on Monday morning; Justice of the Peace Luis Garza pronounced the teen dead at a local hospital and ordered an autopsy.   

While authorities have not released the victim’s name, Breitbart Texas has learned that the teenager has a lengthy criminal history that includes several human smuggling arrests and deportations. In October, 2012 the victim drove a red Ford pickup filled with illegal aliens as he tried to elude authorities.  The pursuit ended near the border town of La Joya when a Texas State Trooper in a helicopter fired several shots at the truck eventually blowing out its tires. The bullets struck three illegal aliens from Guatemala killing two of them. Since the shooting,  DPS has changed its use of force policies.

Authorities have developed a person of interest in the case, however Breitbart Texas has learned that a possible suspect is a 14-year-old male who had been previously been arrested and charged in juvenile court and had been deported three weeks ago. Law enforcement sources have confirmed to Breitbart Texas that one of the leads that investigators are looking at is a possible cartel hit.

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2 thoughts on “Cops Searching for Teenage Illegal Alien for Cartel Assassination Attempt in Texas

  1. Oh no! Are you saying, it’s one of the “undocumented children” (aka illegal immigrant children) that did this???!!! No…That CAN’T be possible! Say it isn’t so…. 😯 (sarcasm)

  2. Just one 14 yr-old assassin my behind. Do these people really think they can con us into believing they have this borderland invasion under control?! Looks like they’re gonna try.

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