Cops Unleash Armored ‘Beast’ For Patrols

WND – by Michael Thompson

Police in one Atlanta community are taking extraordinary measures to deal with heightened rates of violent crime – the unleashing of armored vehicles capable of withstanding bullets fired from AK-47s.

Originally reported by WSB Atlanta, police are using an armored vehicle normally used by SWAT teams to battle a series of burglaries and home invasions in a south Fulton County neighborhood.

Fulton County police Capt. Wade Yates said the vehicle could help in a foot chase.

Last week, a woman was shot multiple times during a break-in in the area. Police say the burglars fled in a stolen car and were able to escape when they jumped out and ran into some woods.

But the new unit is equipped with thermal imaging for such a time as that, officials said.

Police also said the armored car is meant to reassure residents. Officers are also putting in longer hours and more patrol shifts to increase police presence in the area, the report said.

MSNBC reported that police departments across the nation are acquiring the Ballistic Engineered Armored Response (BEAR) vehicle. With a price-tag between $190,000 and $300,000, the BEAR doesn’t come cheap:

The BearCat G3 claims the vast majority of armored personnel carrier sales to SWAT teams in the United States. Fashioned from a Ford F-550 commercial truck chassis, Massachusetts-based Lenco builds about 200 such vehicles in year, in grades from “VIP SUV” to combat-ready with gun turrets. The massive roller is actually a smaller version of the BEAR, or Ballistic Engineered Armored Response vehicle, which Lenco builds for armies and law enforcement agencies around the world, the company confirms.

“The Lenco BearCat … can easily qualify as a necessary tool under several different grant programs, from disaster response to crime fighting,” it said.

The BearCat G3 offers 7.62 AP/.50 caliber BMG Protection, with V-Hull Design and Blast Seats available as an upgrade.

For 2012, FBI data on violent crime showed that Atlanta is the eighth-most dangerous city in America.

The area where the BearCat G3 is being deployed is roughly 81 percent black.

WSBTV also reported that Fulton County resident John Hunter thought the move overkill.

“It’s a bit much. It’s not Afghanistan,” Hunter told the station.

Not all details about the vehicle are being released, police said, for security reasons.

10 thoughts on “Cops Unleash Armored ‘Beast’ For Patrols

  1. You don’t need big weapons to beat these,

    Just hit the tires and disable it, it then becomes just a big metal coffin.

  2. Or you could drop a power pole on it, be interesting to see how a metal vehicle fairs against high voltage, wanna take bets on the outcome?

  3. Just because they say it will stop an AK doesn’t mean it will. Several shots into the headlight area from different angles should kill it. .50 rifle will go through any part of it like butter and suck everybody out the exit hole 🙂 Also it’s really hard to see (and breathe) when a Molotov cocktail is utilized properly.

  4. What a waste of f#@king money..
    Only a cop would be dumb enough to ride in this and think they are at all safe..

  5. o.k.
    the tyres will be bolted through and there will be an insert in the hub to stop them deforming if they go flat on most modern military stuff.
    and i’m pretty sure the underside is fitted with deflector-panels.

    there are 2 weaknesses to these size of light apc.
    the first is the need to air for the engine.
    the second is the weight/size ratio.

    if i wanted to disable one, i’d ram it with a short and heavy truck from the side.
    good candidates would be:
    a cement mixer,
    a dump truck,
    a tracter-unit from an 18wheeler.

    you will either flip it, or drive it into the side of a building.

    then you can either shut it down with a co2 gas tank / fire extinguisher into the air intake or torch it.

    btw, if the manufacturers have learned anything from the russians, the engine will be air-cooled.
    so no radiator or hoses to destroy.

  6. “Police also said the armored car is meant to reassure residents.”
    Reassure them that they should fear the police?

    I think the hoodlums are going to have fun destroying the thing. My guess would be a Molitov cocktail party with drinks served from the rooftops.

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