Corinth Police Shoot Man At His Home 7 Times For Possible DUI – Earning The Hate


August 17th, 2021.

CORINTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Corinth Police Department is responding to video that was recently released of a shooting between officers and a resident at a home in February.

There were no officers injured and the man survived his injuries, but the dramatic video is being shared throughout social media.

An attorney for the man released the video to get their client’s side of the story out. Police said they posted a response on Facebook Friday morning to make their account of events clear.

Corinth police showed up moments after Charles Williams, Jr, pulled into his driveway. “The suspect was highly agitated and armed,” Corinth Police Cpt. Jimmie Gregg said.

Police said officers received a call about a drunk driver and that the caller had followed the suspect home. Williams denied he was intoxicated.

“Clearly this is a man at his home being approached and accosted by law enforcement for reasons he can’t really understand. And he’s afraid,” attorney Justin Moore said.

Williams could be heard on the video saying, “I’m not getting on the ground… I’m not getting on the ground. This is my property.”

His wife could be seen walking next to him. A gun was also seen on Williams’ hip.

“If you see the video we have, he didn’t have a weapon in his hands,” Moore said.

As Williams takes two steps off his porch, a shot could be heard. Corinth police said it was a bean-bag round.

“He wasn’t holding the gun, what triggered the officers to shoot was that he came off the porch and started approaching them,” Gregg said.

Williams could then be seen pulling out his gun and starting to shoot at police. Officers fired back with bullets.

Williams was charged with three counts of aggravated assault of a police officer.

Corinth police said both the Texas Rangers and a Denton County grand jury reviewed the officers’ use of force and found nothing wrong.

2 thoughts on “Corinth Police Shoot Man At His Home 7 Times For Possible DUI – Earning The Hate

  1. so they investigated themselves and found nothing wrong. No kidding? well shit no conflict of interest there I am sure they would have found all kinds of problems because its in their best interest right? Oh wait … idiots amazing this is called a free country and these cops are public servants and work for us and use authority granted to them by us which may be revoked at any time. Yet nothing is further from the truth. What a joke..

    1. “cops are public servants”

      You don’t have a f-king clue. Cops are unlawful private corporate enforcers with zero authority over any American national, as they are a running violation of the 9th Article of the supreme superior absolute written ratified law of we the people, acting under an unlawful jurisdiction in direct violation of the 9th Article in particular and the entire Bill of Rights in general. That is the f-king joke. They are the United States Corporation’s standing army, nothing more, nothing less. And they are completely unlawful under the law of we the people who are the supreme jurisdictional authority in these united states.

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