Corntamination: Edible GMO Hepatitis B Vaccines Coming Soon!

Published on Aug 24, 2014

Remember Prodigene and Epicyte?

In a special investigative report, Truthstream follows the trail of biopharming, where science is using genetically engineered crops to grow pharmaceutical and vaccine components. Some of these medications are developed to be eaten directly as food.

One firm, Prodigene, was caught in a major scandal back in 2002 after experimental pharmaceuticals growing in open air fields – treatments for AIDS, Hepatitis B and gastrointestinal diseases – contaminated nearby food crops.

Rather than reign in their potentially hazardous test crops, the USDA – publicly supportive of biopharmaceutical potential – helped Prodigene pay back damages and cover further research.

However, the firm disappeared after a subsequent contamination violation led to a court decision barring them and their principals from receiving any further testing permits. But did Prodigene really stop its pharma-crop production?

Melissa Melton follows its founder and lead research scientist through his work at a spinoff firm, where human trials are set to begin soon for a Hepatitis B vaccine grown in genetically modified corn.

One thought on “Corntamination: Edible GMO Hepatitis B Vaccines Coming Soon!

  1. one of the replies to the video:

    vaccinefraud2 days ago

    I look forward to viewing each new video. Being a Farm Boy from the Grain Ghetto in ILL Annoyed this is very near and undear to me. In fact the scenes of flat land and row crop monoculture looked like it was right next door. I renamed my neighbors (a word that no longer has meaning) Pharm Whores because they are time clock punchers for the biotech companies. Qain was the first farmer that according to legend killed his brother. Biotech via pharming is killing the biosphere. What the smug organic crowd does not recognize or promote is that (to my experience) all the way back to the 1970s (god, I’m old) the use of Bacillus Thuringenensis was encouraged and labeled as ‘organic’. This is the ORGANISM. Because the organism carries the toxin the Devil’s Bargain is that you could choose organic produce that had the toxin ON the food as opposed to buying doof with the toxin IN it. Notice I am not calling agricultural products food. Corn in ancient mexico was a HIGH PROTEIN, small, multicolored grain. Today corn is packing material. Either way people are getting exposed to a toxin that literally punches holes in the guts of bugs. Leaky gut anyone? Hey! did I mention that bacillus is the genus to which Antrax belongs? Oh, and bacillus subtilis that darling of sewage treatment plants that is now being promoted as a PROBIOTIC because the serine protease might have a dampening effect on the prions that they unleashed on their barely functional herd. Legend also has it that Qain left with Lilith for Nod thus establishing a line of mitochondrial witches. If GMO is not sorcery then I will turn in my pointy hat. The lineage of witchkraft is then found in transition from secretive rituals in black robes with cauldrons of boiling eye of Newt Gingrich and Right Wing of Bat to the kind of witches that appear in news stories wearing white lab coats while performing their alkymy with computerized equipment. Pointy hats optional. In my meme of: call it what it is and then there is no debate, if the USDA is historically the witch cult that has internationally bioprospected for countless life forms including pathogens, then no one should accept the: We come in peace, We’re here to help bullshit that government agencies spout. We’re here to help you shed the mortal coil… A gentle reminder that none of this has ever been about money or profits since the obvious goal was the rewriting of the genome of the biosphere. What is the solution? To grow and eat your own food. Good luck. Being surrounded by biotech I got 67% germination of heirloom crops and even less yeild. It seems that ‘normal’ food and medicinal herbs cannnot live in a ultra-toxic environment. Neither can we. What is the solution? To stop all modern agriculture forever. Or, in the loving words of Ripley in Aliens: I say we nuke ’em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…

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