Corona Con – The Real Estate Flip – The Privileged Players

The biggest players in the real estate flip game are going to be taking a different gamble going forward now that the JOO elite have decided to play Americans with the Corona con. Big players buy and sell hotels and apartment buildings like they are toy Legos, making huge profits, and of course along with those huge profits come huge increases in rent and room rates.

Before the Corona con, hotel rates alone had skyrocketed, I’ve experienced this personally as the rates I used to pay in the Chicago area alone have doubled in the last 2 years easy. When all of the business closures occurred, everything shuttered, decimating the flipping game. Flippers who borrowed huge amounts of money were still on the hook for the borrowed amounts loaned out by the banks, many lost everything.

This was a huge part of the Trump family business, Trump the chump lost millions, if not billions, or did he? The circus barking snake oil salesman green-lighted bailouts to the tune of billions of dollars, he bailed himself out, undoubtedly pre-planned of course, many undoubtedly didn’t and lost everything.

If you weren’t a player in the Jewish corporate elite circles, you didn’t get squat. Welcome to America were only a special few get special treatment avoiding huge foreclosures, while the rest lose it all.

So, now that we have seen what to expect going forward whenever these clowns decide to pay themselves billions of dollars using the pandemic con, we can rest assured, hotel rates and apartment rents will stay artificially high, preventing you and I to enjoy a decent vacation or a reasonably affordable room rate.

Real estate rates are way too high, hotel rates are ridiculous, and because of the Corona con, you can rest assured, they won’t be easing up anytime soon.

This is how billionaires become billionaires, and keep their loot, they invent bailouts that only they can access, they never loose.

It’s becoming impossible to have a happy life.

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