Coronavirus: Larry Summers is Key Player in Pandemic Bonds Scam

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Update: According to the Financial Times certain Class B pandemic bonds are set to mature on June 15, that’s one month earlier than the initially reported date (July 15). Two things are important here. One, by making the mature date June 15 the control grid syndicate seems to have to buy less time for itself (delay declaring the coronavirus outbreak a “pandemic”). Two, the World Bank is provably and deliberately a dishonest entity because on its website it says that the pandemic bonds mature on July 15, 2020. Where the new date, June 15, comes from is not clear. Perhaps Larry Summers knows…

ITNT NEWS – In 2015, Larry Summers – Bilderberg creature and Council on Foreign Relations member – wrote an article promoting the creation of pandemic bonds. This was two years before the World Bank issued its pandemic bonds. Summers: “Pandemic Bonds Have Potential to Be Win-Win-Win”.

“[I]nvestors who, at this time of zero rates, are desperate for return are getting a new vehicle in which to invest”, Summers wrote. Further insinuating that for every 1% of default risk (when the bonds payout to “poor countries”) investors would get 3% interest on their investment.

With the obscure pandemic bonds offering up to 11% interest (even 13%, it has been reported) we can deduct that there’s only about 4% chance, according to Summers and the World Bank, that the bonds’ payout mechanism would ever be triggered by an actual pandemic.

Of course that ‘promise’ is not realistic, nor truthful, at all because it all depends on when you create the vehicle (the bonds) and, more importantly, when you participate (invest).

Financial vehicles like this are not created out of compassion for “poor countries”, anyone believing otherwise is being taken for an expensive ride to the bottom of their pockets. Toxic products like this are created to make money for those who invent the products. The World Bank’s pandemic bonds criteria attest to that.

It is also because of Larry Summers, and others, that we have had to experience the 2008 Heist (“credit crisis”). Partly because Summers, along with Arthur Levitt (then SEC chairman), Alan Greenspan (then chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve) and Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary Rubin, “torpedoed” the regulation of the derivatives market that many are still blaming for crashing the financial market in 2007-2009.

About 25%, it seems, of the pandemic bonds their collateral includes similar toxic derivatives.

Also during Bill Clinton’s time in the White House, Larry Summers supported the removal of key provisions in the 1933 Glass–Steagall Act that restricted banks to offer commercial banking, insurance and investment services. Another reason why the 2008 Heist was possible.

That Summers can’t be trusted (as the above information clearly indicates already) can also be concluded from his more recent statement (2019) in which he referred to the pandemic bonds as “financial goofiness“. All the while it was Summers himself who helped to initiate the issuing of the pandemic bonds in 2017.

We’re not talking about an honest mistake here. Summers is informed enough to know, well before the duped pandemic bonds investors, what the agendas of the World Bank and Walll Street are.

It was Larry Summers who helped lure gullible investors into the pandemic bonds. The Financial Times featured his 2015 article, so there can’t be any discussion about that.

The reason why he now seems to be a turncoat in this case is likely because he and/or people he personally knows have invested in the pandemic bonds but at the same time, obviously, don’t want the bonds’ payout mechanism to be triggered. By downplaying the bonds their efficiency he now helps to secure his buddies their money that they have invested in the World Bank’s inventions (if not, prove me wrong).

So far, the governments of Germany and Japan have been paying out the annual interests to pandemic bonds investors. Hard to believe that Japan and Germany will continue to do so in the future once the truth is officially revealed. Unless, of course, Germany’s and Japan’s heads of government are making money off of it as well. Why else would they give away money like this?

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