Occam’s Razor on Terror Events

“So we’re watching this very carefully in anticipation of the fact that for the first time, in Australia, laws will need to be used on a scale that will present a different experience for Australia.”
Attorney General, Christian Porter, Doorstop – Parliament House

Below are a number of indicators that the alleged coronavirus pandemic is, essentially, a globally orchestrated “live exercise” in managing a pandemic (preceded in October last year by Event 201, a “pandemic tabletop exercise“). We can infer that the alleged purpose of this exercise is really a flimsy pretext for fear-mongering instigated by the global power elite in order to exercise better control – there are about 8,500 of them and 7 billion of us. The scope of social control laid bare by this pandemic is truly scary. What social controls will be implemented and how this event will be used as a pretext for blaming looming economic problems only time will tell.

Most importantly, however, the power elite always give us the chance to opt out of the response they wish to instil in us. Whenever they hoax us, they always provide deliberate signs, for example, obvious signs of fakery, over-the-top ridiculousness, contradictions, different versions of the story, physical impossibilities, poor expression, grammar and spelling (beyond what might be termed “sloppy journalism”), smiling grievers, lack of explanation where it is expected, Masonic numbers and symbols, the actual truth (or distorted version of it), etc.  They are also meticulous in never faking a single piece of evidence so well that it can be used by someone who believes their story to brandish it in defence of it. See They Tell Us Clearly for examples.

As responsible citizens it is our duty to call out the power elite when we can identify a very large number of anomalies in the story they drown us in with, additionally, not a single skerrick of evidence to support it.

Generally, we can say that there is no clear evidence of the reality of a coronavirus pandemic. We are told of deaths and infections but all we see are lots of the general population and medical staff running around in masks and other protective gear. a man lying on a hospital floor and a person, most unrealistically, falling flat on their face. There is nothing that favours “real” over “live exercise” for a coronavirus pandemic while there is much that favours “live exercise” (assuming we include deliberate anomalies as part of the MO of a “live exercise”) over “real”. I ask the reader to consider this very important question: when there are clear anomalies in a story that undermine its reality, what reason is there to believe any part of it without clear evidence?

Below argument is made under the following topics:

  • Testing
  • Numbers of cases and mortality
  • Response
  • Presages
  • In-your-face anomalies
  • Hoax within a hoax
  • On a continuum
  • ​Vaccination
  • Other commentary
​Below are links to evidence that the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing used cannot isolate a specific coronavirus nor can it determine the viral load and that testing is not being conducted in any case, although numbers are still being produced.

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21 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS “LIVE EXERCISE”, JAN 2020

  1. People, listen to this from Pompeo’s mouth. I do believe we have all been conscripted into this false flag exercise and they ain’t paying us a cent. Maybe that 2,000 bucks is pay for crisis acting.

  2. This is an excellent article mary. Anyone, can put the pieces together from this article, it is laid out line by line.

    1. All because of your vid post where pompous ass pompeo stated “we are in a live exercise.” That stuck in my head.
      There is a lot to take in here. There is no specific test for this virus.
      Every damn one of them Trump on down must be arrested.
      I will be sending this to local media.

      1. If people watch that Event 201 they’ll see straight through this live exercise.
        “Every damn one of them Trump on down must be arrested.”
        The stress alone they’ve put on older people as well as not allowing loved ones to visit older people in nursing homes, etc. This alone is arrestable!

      2. How do you explain Iran, Spain and Italy? I never saw them as countries with so many great actors before. I do not doubt for a moment this thing is being used as a means to advance their usual agenda. Everything about it also points to a bioweapon and a lot of circumstantial evidence lays the blame at the door of the USA. The damage to international relations is also real and permanent. You know for something to be controlled doesn’t mean it is also not real. To advance the agenda as much as it appears to be doing would require a real crisis to achieve it on such a scale. So far we’ve not heard even a whisper of any whistleblowers suggesting that all medical personnel are faking it or that countries are destroying their economies for a hoax.

        I’m frankly astonished that anyone still doubts the reality and I’d not be too disappointed to be wrong. But seriously? if it is real, and I insert “IF” out of respect to your point of view, then in very short order it should be rather difficult to ignore. The USA is on the verge of the rapid rise in cases that ends with collapsed medical systems and many more countries are within a few weeks at most of the same. Once the medical systems crash things get bad fast/. By the way, they are ALL lowballing the mortality figures. Every expert must know the deception involved in ignoring the 14 day incubation period in their calculations. These are made using deaths and infected numbers on the same day at any moment. Which ignores the fact that today’s deaths result from the infected cases 14 days previously. In fact, we don’t and never will know the full extent of infections. To my mind, the numbers of infected are not very useful, except assuming they’re accurate to predict coming problems. ie, 14 days later on average. The testing regimes are not the same and we cannot test everyone. The most accurate method of course is to divide the sum of deaths and recoveries into the death numbers. This gives the actual mortality as about 19% globally, but between 15 to 20% since I’ve been monitoring it properly for about a month and the US mortality is actually 35 to 38%. Italy where the health system was overwhelmed is about 43%. By May the US caseload will number 100 million. The serious cases amongst these will long since have overwhelmed the system. 4 days after the 100 mil, the US numbers will be 200 million and 4 days later…

        So I suggest we will not have long to wait. My expectation is that the USA will collapse. Martial law is the only choice left to them and probably not much different in many other nations.

        At this point, nobody except China and South Korea managed to gain apparent control. They acted decisively at the start. The first 2 months is the only chance you get. After that, the rate of rise quickly exceeds anyone’s ability to ramp up a response in time. “In time” means before the system is overcome by the sheer volume. We have passed April 1st now so I don’t think that suddenly all those dead and sick people that should be all around us by then are going to jump up and shout “April fools”. I had been hoping actually this would occur a couple of days ago.

        1. Your assertion that so many countries around the world would not act in consortium displays your ignorance with the big picture and attempts to remove a known given, which is this hoax will be used to usher in a one world government, which the ultra elite of the planet are advocates for and would kill as many goyum to achieve their goal as necessary. These are f-king international jews as a part of the international corporate mafia who state in their Talmud the rest of humanity is not but souless animals. Don’t try to downplay the viscous voracity of these f-king jews.
          You’ve got several dairies so you are just noticing this shit and are one of the good ol’ boys that is about to find out what it is like to be down here with the rest of us. And you are f-king wrong, good ol’ boy.

        2. Hey Aussie, stop with the parroting of the lying criminals running a freakin psyop in the united States as well as across the planet. You quote the numbers of lying Fauci. Deal with your willingly disarmed aussies & keep your predictions out of this country. We are fully armed & intend to put this UNLAWFUL cabal in the ground. What you do down under is your business, keep it there.

  3. …”fear-mongering instigated by the global power elite in order to exercise better control – there are about 8,500 of them and 7 billion of us.”
    It’s time to stop allowing them to punk us! Look at these numbers!

        “I have never in my years seen an r-squared of 0.99,” Goodman said. “As a statistician it makes me question the data.”

        For context, Goodman said a “really good” r-squared, in terms of public health data, would be a 0.7. “Anything like 0.99,” she said “would make me think that someone is simulating data. It would mean you already know what is going to happen.”

        1. .99 or 99 is the satanic equivalent of 666. Good find, shows more proof that this is a deliberate 09-11-2001 on vaccine steroids.

  4. I am not so sure. Whilst I do not doubt the crisis is being manipulated for pushing further on the usual agenda, less freedom, more control, vaccines and chips and probably elimination of cash, there is one anomaly I find hard to fit into the idea it is a hoax. The concept presupposes all countries including Iran, China, Russia and ideologically opposed states all round are playing along. That does not sit right with me. I cannot believe that all countries are run by people in the same cabal. If it were so then there’d be no need of the game of conflicts since they could essentially do anything they wanted with their populations. It assumes a conspiracy so gargantuan there is simply no room for any other counterparty to exist. Are we trying to believe the only resistance left on earth are a few online bloggers and their followers? Really?

    I do happen to know one person who has had this and recently recovered and her account of it is harrowing enough and definitely nothing like any flu I ever head of. She is also NOT part of any cabal trying to psyop anybody. I’m also pretty sure accounts by a few others which match my friend’s in many important respects are truthful. I am not able to believe all those coffins are empty or that medical personnel are all lying. The virus is real and the sick and dying are real. Otherwise, the entire populations of Italy, Spain and Iran deserves an Oscar for their performances.

    1. We are not saying people aren’t dying of one of what seems to be three terrible flues that have been sprayed on us. We are just saying that coronavirus/Covid19 is a very mild virus that stays in the system for a long time and is being used as a marker, no matter what you die of.
      The Covid19 is to be detected by one of the tests that gives out 40% false positives, this way coronavirus can be blamed for any death, hence they can control the numbers as they see fit for their diabolical purposes.

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