Coronavirus: My Quarantine in China

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Quarantine in China! Part #1

As some of you already know, I arrived to Beijing on Saturday morning February 29th. My flight was quarantined after one passenger was discovered to be suffering from COVID-19.

When they told us we were going to stay at the hotel I was terrified but it turned out to be an interesting experience. They lodged us at 5 stars hotel and provided us meals three times per day. We had to check out temperature twice a day and report in case it was higher than 37.3.

Yes, we couldn’t leave our room and keep 1m distance from each other in case, but can I say something? I am amazed how the Chinese government manages the current situation. In my opinion, everything was handled pretty well.

They arranged 400 places for the passenger (consider it was only one person in the room), meals, thermometers for everyone and to not underestimate-all the expenses were covered by the government.

I am proud of China and if somebody asks my why I came back? Well, I feel very safe here.

Quarantine in China! Part #2

Since I’m back to Beijing and under quarantine (today is the 9th day), I was expecting to get bored right the first day, but the situation turned out to be completely the opposite.

At the beginning I was staying at the hotel for two days, then I went back home. The second day of my stay at home I decided to go to the hospital to do the Covid-19 test (negative results) and after all this I thought finally I can relax and “enjoy” my quarantine. But…no, I have them-doctors and nurses calling me everyday to ask about my health.

Morning and afternoon I receive calls and texts on WeChat from doctors of my district asking me about my body temperature, if I eat enough fruits and vegetable and of course they remind me to drink more water “多喝水”. I mean, even my mom doesn’t stress me that much.

But honestly talking, I believe this is super kind of them. I do really appreciate their attention and what they’re doing. Would you ever expect 3 or 4 doctors calling you every day to ask how do you feel? Personally, I don’t think so.

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One thought on “Coronavirus: My Quarantine in China

  1. “if I eat enough fruits and vegetable and of course they remind me to drink more water “多喝水”.”


    I’m sorry but he must have went to a clinic because when I was living and working in Wuhan years ago, a co-worker of mine had an infected spider bite on his leg and could barely walk. My wife and I took him to the local clinic and after looking at his leg, the doctors said, “eat more vegetables and drink more water”. My friend said, “you’re doctors, you see my leg with pus coming out and the only thing you can tell me is eat more vegetables and drink more water? Any real doctor can see that I need medicine or something, NOT vegetables.”

    So we took him to the city hospital and after speaking with a high end doctor, he was given medicine and was told that if he waited a few more days before coming to the hospital that they would have had to amputate his leg because it was so infected.”

    So long story short, from someone who has lived and worked in Wuhan, China, the old “eat more vegetables and drink more water” line is a classic line and isn’t very reassuring to me.

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