Coronavirus: Overall Tally by Johns Hopkins University No Longer a Reliable Reference Point

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ITNT News – Overnight the number of, reportedly, confirmed cases has increased by more than 15,000. The reason given for this is that the method for diagnosis has changed. The new number, claims the New York Times, includes “infections diagnosed by using lung scans of symptomatic patients.” However, “Lung scans are an imperfect means to diagnose patients. Even patients with ordinary seasonal flu may develop pneumonia visible on a lung scan.”  

Basically this means that the overall tally provided by Johns Hopkins University – of confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries – is no longer a reliable reference point.

Starting today, ITNT will keep an adjusted record of reported cases.

We will restart the count and separate the previous tally, using the initial method for diagnosis, from the new tally, using the “new” method for diagnosis, because what they are doing now is not a correct way to measure the 2019-nCoV outbreak.

This development is both worrying and suspicious. Time will tell who has been tampering with the data… and why.

Starting today the tally will be recorded as follows.

There will be the previously reported total of, reportedly, confirmed cases and this number will no longer change, for us. It will remain at 45,195 confirmed cases (with 1,116 deaths and 4,957 recoveries).

The “new” cases, starting February 13, will be recorded in a separate column to provide everyone with a clear overview of what exactly has been reported during this outbreak. This is crucial for future reference and it is something that most “news” outlets will not do for their audiences.

In The News Today


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