Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Run 3 Months Ago Predicts 65 Million People Could Die

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

As of this morning, the deadly coronavirus that originated in China has killed 26 people and infected more than 900.

But according to one simulation run less than three months ago, things could get much, much worse. Less than three months ago, Eric Toner, a scientist at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, had run a simulation of a global pandemic involving the exact same type of virus, according to Business Insider

His simulation predicted that 65 million people could die “within 18 months”. 

He commented:

 “I have thought for a long time that the most likely virus that might cause a new pandemic would be a coronavirus.”

As of now, the outbreak is not a pandemic, but it has been reported in eight different countries. Toner’s simulation said that nearly “every country in the world” would have the virus after six months.

He commented:

“We don’t yet know how contagious it is. We know that it is being spread person to person, but we don’t know to what extent. An initial first impression is that this is significantly milder than SARS. So that’s reassuring. On the other hand, it may be more transmissible than SARS, at least in the community setting.

His analysis used a fictional virus called CAPS, which would be resistant to any modern vaccine and would be deadlier than SARS. The simulation involved a virus originating in Brazil’s pig farms. The outbreak started small, with farmers coming down with symptoms, before spreading to crowded and impoverished areas.

The simulation also showed flights being cancelled and travel bookings falling by 45%, as people disseminated false information on social media. It also triggered a financial crisis around the globe, with global GDP falling 11% and stock markets falling 20% to 40%. 

No word on whether or not the simulation accounted for the modern monetary theory the Fed is essentially governing with now. 

He also claimed that the current coronavirus could have major economic impact if it the total cases hits the thousands.

He concluded:

“If we could make it so that we could have a vaccine within months rather than years or decades, that would be a game changer. But it’s not just the identification of potential vaccines. We need to think even more about how they are manufactured on a global scale and distributed and administered to people.”

“It’s part of the world we live in now. We’re in an age of epidemics.”

Of course here in the United States the CDC is assuring us that we don’t have anything to be concerned about

“We don’t want the American public to be worried about this because their risk is low,” says Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “On the other hand, we are taking this very seriously and are dealing very closely with Chinese authorities.”

Hopefully they are correct, and hopefully this outbreak will blow over sooner rather than later.

20 thoughts on “Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Run 3 Months Ago Predicts 65 Million People Could Die

  1. me thinks this is a set up for mandatory vaccinations which of course will ensure the pandemic they are fear mongering about
    vaccination is attempted murder

    by the way I still have ‘say no to mandatory vaccines! your body your choice’ t shirts size large and xlarge if anyone would like one or two or three…

  2. More vaccine propaganda. The sky is falling! Here, take this vaccine and the sky won’t be able to hurt you anymore.


  3. Put it in the bin with Sars; swine flu; bird flu; Zika and ebola. Hey elite nutcases youre busted; your playbook dont work the people and the World just see tired has beens scurrying around frantically like rats in a barrel !

  4. There is a patent out for the Corona virus by a company affiliated with Bill and Melinda Gates in 2015. It was approved in 2018.
    Problem (man made virus), reaction (public fear), solution (vaccines). Who stands to profit from this? Big Pharma. Anyone else remember this playbook?

    Oh and big pharma definitely funnels money to the traitors

  5. Hey all, I just wan to say that I have family and friends in Wuhan. They say the government is greatly hiding the numbers as always and say that whatever number they give, multiple it by at least 1,000 and that might begin to tell you the REAL number of those infected and killed.

    Think about it. Literally millions of people living in Wuhan and no one on the streets. The government has banned all travel. You wouldn’t do that for only 41 people dead. 41 people dead in one day in a city in China is normal day. There’s no way, it’s only 41 people dead. They are absolutely downplaying the numbers. It’s much much worse.

    Right now they say they still have food at some supermarkets, but after a week, if no food comes in and 70 million people grow hungry, there’s no way they’re going to have food for that many people. Riots will occur real fast and right now, other than two hospitals that they are attempting to build in a week, no food or aid is coming in to the city and there’s not enough medicine or space for a patients that are infected or need help. All of the doctors and nurses are working day and night with hardly any sleep. It’s crazy.

    That is the scope of it all straight from friends and family of mine in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

    I’ll try and keep everyone updated, but there are definitely many many more infected and dead than they are saying. It’s pure government censorship.

    1. Correction: Over 7 million, NOT 70 million. My bad. But you get the idea. Having food for over 7 million people (actually 11 million if you follow the actual statistics) after a week is not going to be easy.

  6. The numbers are all wrong. Multiply it by 1,000 and that might just begin to tell you how bad it is. I got reports straight from friends and family in Wuhan, Hubei,China. I’ll keep you all updated.

  7. this will most likely lead the ‘news’ for a while…………..keep your eyes on the commies and their unlawful gun legislation

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