Coronavirus patients put on house arrest for refusing stay-at-home order


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVO) — Kentucky judges are ordering COVID-19 patients who are refusing to stay home to wear GPS ankle bracelets.

For defying orders from doctors, city and state leaders, they are attempting to hold them legally liable.

According to court records, one patient who tested positive for the disease, went shopping on March 21st.

The coronavirus is considered a federal “quaratinable” communicable disease.

Under Kentucky law, the Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness has the authority to issue an “order of isolation,” which local law enforcement can enforce.

If the patient leaves their home or violates any of the conditions of the detention, they could be arrested or face charges.

As of Tuesday morning, there are 480 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 11 deaths in Kentucky.


9 thoughts on “Coronavirus patients put on house arrest for refusing stay-at-home order

  1. Yep & worse to come. Check out what just got decreed in Hungary as of 31 Mar 2020 –

    That one event has people I know who never really believed what I said in the past VERY concerned! Will the little doors on enough people’s eyes be violently smashed open in time? And if they are will they really be able to handle the truth when it hits them all at once?

    It’s all coming true just as we’be been predicting for many years. “Covid-19” is nothing more than their reason for pulling off global totalitarianism & the majority of people out there are believing every word & are blind to the REAL monster. At the moment these criminal gubmints are posting “Be Calm”, “Be Nice To Each Other” & “Stay Safe” everywhere (as if that isn’t Orwellian enough!) but watch people start turning each other in as this thing gets stretched out. It’s EXACTLY what they want because it will yet again be that age-old Divide & Conquer while they sit back & be entertained by it all. THEIR sickness has to end but who will do it? This is basically bullying from a group of powerful bullies but hiding away from it will only be very temporary & end in utter misery…

  2. When I had Scarlet Fever back in 1970 the Health Department quarantined me and my family for two weeks . Had I left the house I would have been arrested . That is normal procedure to protect society .

    1. If the “Health Department” had arrested you, that would have been a corporate arrest under administrative admiralty jurisdiction, forbidden by the absolute superior supreme ratified law of this land.
      If that is normal for you and okay with you, you don’t understand a goddamn thing that is being talked about here.

      1. Looks like we have another moronavirus victim. This is truly the most devastating pandemic currently plaguing the american people.

      1. “The greater good….”

        He seems to be under the impression that they care if any of us breathe another breath.

  3. Wow what do you even say to something like this. Where are they getting all of this authority all of a sudden?

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