Coronavirus: The ‘Wuhan shake’ or the elbow bump?

BBC News

People around the world are avoiding shaking hands to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

In Wuhan, a new way to say hello has gone viral online – it’s been dubbed the “Wuhan shake”.

And it’s not the only place where people are adopting novel greetings.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus: The ‘Wuhan shake’ or the elbow bump?

  1. Seriously, this has become such a joke, it’s so childish and pathetic, especially seeing political puppets acting like this, too. If they didn’t act like puppets before, they’re certainly acting like one now. They’re paid to play the game, I guess.

    1. I agree. Seriously, the shear fear-mongering and paranoia being instilled in folks could be enough to have them “get sick” if you know what I mean.

  2. 1. shake hands with guy who fixed one of our vehicles. 2. put 91 percent alcohol on hands (better than 62 percent alcohol hand cleaner 3. “paranoia” gone….and I don’t mean “coronavirus”…just germs. After all, some might be “offended” by elbow bumps….

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