Corporations Can Be Listed as ‘Chair’ of Biden’s Inauguration for $1 Million

Breitbart – by Hannah Bleau

President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural committee is offering VIP donor packages ahead of Inauguration Day, allowing corporations to be listed as a “chair” of his inauguration for a $1 million donation.

A document detailing the packages reveals the cushy benefits for big donors, with Biden’s committee extending the opportunity to corporations.

For $1 million, a corporation will receive an invitation to a virtual event with Biden and first lady-elect Jill Biden, as well as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and second gentleman-elect Doug Emhoff. Both events include photos. Donors are also entitled to “virtual signed photos,” “preferred viewing” for the virtual inauguration, “event sponsorship opportunities,” “VIP participation” in a virtual concert during the week of the inauguration, “virtual briefings with PIC Co-Chairs, senior PIC leadership, and former campaign leadership,” four VIP tickets to a “future in-person event,” and VIP merchandise.

Individuals can secure the same VIP treatment for $500,000:

Corporations can also be listed as a “Vice Chair” for a $500,000 donation, receiving fewer of the benefits previously listed. The individual contribution for the “Vice Chair” level is $250,000 and is followed by “Champion,” which requires an individual contribution of $100,000 or an organization contribution of $250,000.

A “Supporter” — the lowest tier — requires a $25,000 donation from an individual or a $50,000 donation from a corporation and only provides an invitation to a virtual concert during inauguration week and virtual briefings with PIC Co-Chairs and senior leadership.

While Biden’s committee affirmed this week that Biden and Harris plan to be sworn in on the west side of the Capitol per recent tradition, there will be limited attendance at the event, with some of the associated events taking place virtually, according to the Washington Post.

Biden’s team is asking supporters to remain home.

“We realize the moment that we’re in as it relates to the pandemic, so we’re leaning into doing things very different this time,” Biden senior advisor Maju Varghese said.

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