4 thoughts on “Corporations to the rescue

  1. https://youtu.be/sXO4xMBNZWA

    By 2030, eh? He’s a global communist F’g evangelical pissreal firster who hid behind his gang letters of d, r, and “representative” of the People. The idiocy of people who believe they have a choice, other than to revolt and stop being such lazy, apathetic slaves, is tedious.

  2. Thanks, Martist. Ha!! He sets himself up as The King of Food. And how easily statistics about starvation are cited. He and his cohorts get to decide who starves and who doesn’t. Why not just let the world take care of itself unimpeded? We didn’t do too bad the last few millennia. And we know how to trade and assist. I’d say if anyone with a brain honestly assessed these so-called people of “leadership” of the last hundred years, they’d all come up with F’s. Comes down to that 1% looking out for that 1%. Make that F-.

    And now, corporations are the new “leadership,” the blessed solution, the SAVIORS. Fascism-Gone-Wild!!!


    1. The idiots take everything on face value and believe they’re “one of the club” for some reason?! Same idiots who “win” the “international lottery” when no such thing exists and they never purchased a ticket(scam). Something for nothing is the dream and you gotta be asleep to dream. They probably take candy from strangers in windowless utility vans, too!

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