Corrupt Cops Caught by Their Own Cruiser Camera!!!

Published on Aug 12, 2013 by SHARKonlineorg

Watch SHARK’s first video of this stop for much more info:…

Oregon’s Malheur County Sheriff’s Deputies will apparently do anything to protect the cruel Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo. The sheriff’s department raises money at the rodeo, and sheriff’s deputies sit on the rodeo board.

The sheriff’s department will even make illegal traffic stops, and openly talk about what they are doing. Too bad they forgot about that cruiser camera, which recorded every word.

If you wish to call the Malheur County Sheriff’s Department, the number is (541) 473-5510.
Sheriff Brian Wolfe can be emailed at:
Dan Norris, District Attorney, (541) 473-5127,

Please let us know what the sheriff and district attorney have to say about this outrageous conduct!

11 thoughts on “Corrupt Cops Caught by Their Own Cruiser Camera!!!

  1. Good job of posting this information.
    I grew up in rural Montana. attending a one room rural school, grades 1-8, where mostly all us students rode horseback to and from school. come rain or shine. I was taught by the parents that rodeo was sport. All the injuries to the animals used were a non item….until I finally grew up and thought on my own. I have been a farmer and cattle rancher. I ll tell you something about rodeo…..Its the most cruel thing ever done to animals thats legal….it should be completely banned…..whats the matter with people, anyway? Would they want what is done to an animal in the name of sport, done to them? Hello, no, they wouldn’t.. Then don’t do it to an animal……..take animals off the earth and all people are dead pretty damn quickly….they are to be loved…..if you can’t love an animal, how can one love themselves…..perhaps thats the problem with this whole american society we live in…..people don’t love themselves or one another…..and we are destroying one another, as a result. I ask how dumb is that?

  2. These cops – as always – are only concerned for their own security and about not being caught. These cops should be sued, fired, jail time, anger management – paid for themselves, and be forced to wear a damned sandwich sign twice a day during rush hour and walk up and down main street with their names and their crimes, yes and to loose their gun rights for being a convicted felon just like would happen to anyone else.. Oh yea, it is not just rodeos that are into animal cruelty but circuses and most animal training that is involved with money and profit. P.S. OH YEA, remember that most people that are into animal cruelty and abuse are also involved in child abuse and molestation.

      1. Yes, ya know one of those signs that people wear at protests or other events. Only with this the damned cop would have his name and that he was a cop and just what he did to have this sandwich sign on. Yep he would have to wear that sign every day twice a day for at least two weeks or more. Humilitate the bastards in public.

          1. I got a overactive imagination I guess BentSpear 🙂 . I do like your Brand though. What would the T stand for BentSpear? P.S. Ya BentSpear, I guess that I must be slipping lately lol.

          2. @digger;
            “T” for Traitor. That’s for the ones that don’t rate execution. From the current trend, I don’t think the brand would get as much use as a gallows would.

          3. LOL yes BentSpear, I should have figured that one out easily, I have been running a little slow lately I guess.

          4. @digger
            lol…no worries, you’ll be running full bore soon; been there & done that.

  3. Wow! I’m surprised they didn’t edit the footage and cut out the audio. I mean that’s what the Round Rock, TX police department does all the time.

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