Cougar attack in Washington kills 1 biker, injures another

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One man is dead and another is injured after they were attacked by a cougar Saturday while mountain biking in Washington State, police said.

King County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ryan Abbott said the pair, whose identities haven’t been released, were attacked while they were going for a mountain bike ride in North Bend, east of Seattle.  

It is not clear if the victims were biking together or separately.

The 31-year-old survivor was taken to Harborview medical Center where he remains in serious condition, the hospital said in a statement. He was alert and was heard talking.

The second victim was found dead and, according to Abbott, had not been removed from the scene.

The cougar had been standing over the body of the victim when authorities arrived, KIRO reported.

The Washington Department of Fish and Game was tracking the animal down, which reportedly ran into the woods following the attack.

Police later confirmed that the cougar was found and “euthanized.”

4 thoughts on “Cougar attack in Washington kills 1 biker, injures another

  1. I read elsewhere that the cougar in this particular attack was only 100 lbs. Not that big, but still quite deadly.

    The good news is that you’re more likely to be killed by a lightning strike than by a cougar. They rarely attack people. This was the first person killed by a cougar in Washington State in 90 years.

    Still, you never know. No one should ever go into the wilderness without a gun. I would never shoot an animal unless I was attacked or needed food, but if a cougar or a bear is running at me, I gotta do what I gotta do.

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