Coumo to State Sheriffs: Shut Up About Gun Law or Risk Termination

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What many had assumed would be a meeting regarding New York State Sheriffs’ Association concerns about New York’s strict new gun laws, turned into a verbal scolding from the Governor which included the threat of some people’s jobs if they didn’t toe the line and shut up about the SAFE Act.  

Via the Times Union:

The sheriffs thought they were being summoned to the Capitol to discuss ideas for changes to New York’s gun control law, the SAFE Act. Instead, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told them to keep quiet.Opposition to the new law has simmered in upstate areas since Cuomo signed the law in January. Many county sheriffs oppose it, particularly its expanded definition of banned assault weapons, and have spoken out around the state. In January, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association wrote Cuomo with an analysis, and later suggested tweaks.

Cuomo invited its leaders to the Capitol last month, people briefed on the meeting said.

Rather than discuss the merits of the letter, Cuomo asked those in attendance to stop publicly discussing opposition to the SAFE Act.

One individual briefed on the meeting claimed that Cuomo had threatened to remove some sheriffs from office.

What has raised the ire of the Governor is a lawsuit the Association has joined in, challenging the Constitutionality of the SAFE Act.

Via Empire State News:

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association has  joined as amicus curiae in a lawsuit brought by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association challenging the constitutionality of several provisions of SAFE Act. Sheriff Maciol has been a member of the NYS Sheriff’s Association since taking office as Sheriff in 2011, serves on many of their committees, and is currently serving as the association’s Sergeant at Arms.

The amicus brief will support the main suit by setting forth legal arguments against the SAFE Act specifically from the view of law enforcement.  Some of the arguments contained in the brief are that the law impinges upon the 2nd Amendment to a degree that renders it unconstitutional, that the law is fatally vague, and that the law does not provide sufficient guidance to law enforcement.

Much as he did when ramming the gun legislation through in January by avoiding a three-day public screening, Governor Cuomo is simply trying to silence opposition.

Silencing opposition is a good way to flesh out one’s Democrat credentials for national office, no doubt.  If his presidential aspirations fall through, there may be a position available for Cuomo at the IRS.

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14 thoughts on “Coumo to State Sheriffs: Shut Up About Gun Law or Risk Termination

  1. These Sheriffs need to speak out even louder now. What’s Cuomo going to do – purge the Sheriffs like his Marxist hero Stalin purged his army? Let him try.

  2. Just add him to the list of traitors in this country. Does not know the constitution either looks like. We the people are the only ones to that can get rid of a sheriff in our own county. Looks like he needs a big rope for the arrogance and egotistical maniacal attitude he is exhibiting. Oops my mistake. He became a traitor by signing laws affecting our 2nd amendment.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Soon as “King Cuomo” had summoned his subjects,… they should have have been smart enough to realize they were walking into a set-up,.. NOT a discussion on their “Constitutional” demands.

    If so much as ONE of these sheriffs had been a real sheriff, an American or simply a man,.. they would have arrested Cuomo right on the spot for threating them, abuse of power, and treason.

    That is why this country is toast,… becuase of the cowards who will NOT uphold their duties,… like ALL those sheriffs,…. where not a single one of them actually did anything.

    JD – US Marines – New York Sheriffs – Cowards, Traitors and Spinelss-Males (you can’t call then,.. “men”)

    1. You said it. Sheriffs can’t be fired by the Governor, they’re elected to their position. To the Sheriffs, give him hell.

    2. You’re absolutely right.
      The sheriffs should have arrested that zionist ass kisser directly!
      And if they didn’t the people should have acted.
      Like the Battle of Athens 1946.
      Enough is enough.


  4. Amen J.D. May I get a moment of your time J.D. to get your insight on something? Here in Oregon, they have this “biker” event honoring/supporting the vets. Its shown on a local website today. I want to add a post that says,
    instead of supporting the troops we should be educating them. They did not fight for our freedoms, but our slavery, they were fighting wars for bankers, not our liberties. The thing is, last year I told my brother these things, who was a helicopter gunner in vietnam, and he got really mad at me and wouldnt talk to me for many months. I dont know, any advice for me? I ask you in hopes that you understand I am not demeaning your service to this country.
    If a man saw a baby carriage rolling down the hill, a lady yelling, “my baby, my baby!” and he went and rescued it, isnt he still a hero even if the baby was not in the carriage? IMO, a definite yes.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I do not believe we have ever exchanged comments before, so please allow me to welcome you on board, and to thank you for your considerate question.

      Allow me generalize your question first, then consider your specific case:

      In general, what your asking is, “How do we educated the masses in what this gov’t really represents?”

      Although you address the issue of posting a comment designed to do that for this biker rally, in essence,.. what your really trying to do is get them to understand the underlying deceit that has brought us to this point.

      I agree with your comment (for the biker rally you wish to post), but it may be helpful for you to understand that when you try to educate people on these subjects, you will always be working against two principle obstacles,.. the information issue,.. and the emotional one.

      The information issue, the analytical understanding of facts, is fairly easy to overcome,.. but what always moderates, or stops that is the emotional reluctance to undertake any such understanding.

      This is due to several factors all at work at once, from the Bernaysian Conditioning (See: Edward Bernays – Father Of Propaganda) being dissemenated thru our Mass-Propaganda Machine (our MSM) every single minute of every single day,.. to the corrupting influences of our Indoctrination System (Education System) and even right down to the pyschological effects of the poisons we ingest thru our food, water and air systems (they typically contain known nero-toxins that effect thinking, judgement and emotional response).

      These corrupting influences are by design, are deliberate, and are effective.

      Another consideration is: No matter how effective your approach or argument (facts),.. some people can NOT be saved. They are to deep in the matrix, to comfortable there, and have no desire to know the truth, or to undertake the cumbersome and tedious process of admitting they allowed themselves to be duped (and in fact,.. participated in it…),.. to having to acknowlege, their rules of reality are incorrect,.. and require substantial realignment (unlearing, learning, and reinforcing).

      Now that you understand the basic nature of the problem (trying to “reach” people),.. lets look at your brother-in-law as a specific case.

      Although I am NOT telling you to give up on him,.. it is clear, you tripped his self-defense mechanism in that he DOES recognize that reality does not match his mental model, and by making the statements you made to him, it required that he, 1) Acknowlge your facts (thereby acknowledging his own misconceptions),.. or (which he evidently did),.. 2) Shut you down (get mad, walk away,.. refuse to speak with you…)

      The older a person is,.. the more pronounced this type of reaction usually is. This has to do with Pyschological-Plasticity and Reality-Modeling.

      The best you can do is,… is start off in HIS camp (way of thinking),.. then question the most obvious errors in his “facts”. He may immediatly sense (subconsciously) where your going with that,.. and shut down,…. but as I said,… some people can not be saved.

      As for your comment about posting for this bike rally,…. yes,.. I think it may be a little useful, but I would resort to using comments and history by more notable persons, such as by Smedly Butler, who is one of this contry’s most decorated US Marines, and after serving 33 years (served: 1898-1931) , retired in disgust at being what he called, A highclass hitman for the corporations”.

      NOTE: Full Quote – “I spent 33 years in the Marines, most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for Capitalism” From – “War Is A Racket” – 1933.

      In addition, because of the loyalty and respect by Marines every where, Smedly Butler was asked to overthrow the US Gov’t by many of the same Corporate-Interests/Wealthy-Families (like the Duponts and the Morgans…) that have consolidated control over our gov’t then,.. and today. When he tried to expose this in a congressional inquirey,.. it was quitely buried (See: House Of Representatives Report No. 153, Feburary 15,1935, 74th Congress-1st Session: “Fascist Plot Officially Confirmed”)

      If it was so prevalent back then (nearly a hundred years ago),.. how much worse do you think it is now? (Answer: Infinitely worse).

      As for truth being “demeaning” to our individual character of service,… nonsense. Only supporting lies is demeaning.

      Individual acts and thoughts of selflessness and courage are just that. The fact it was used by corporations, thru deception, is the real crime.

      All servicemen want to believe that what they fight for is Justice, Truth and the “American Way (suppose to mean,.. the principles embodied in the US Constiution/Bill Of Rights), but the reality is,.. we’re just high-class hitman working for what can only be described as a complete communist system, seeking global enslavement.

      An uncomfortable truth to be sure,.. but the universal fact is, the “real-truth”,.. tends to be that way.

      Hope that helps a little – JD – US Marines – Another unwitting High-Class Hitman.

      1. Jen,

        Read Smedley Butler’s, “War is a Racket” and then pass it on to your brother. It’s an easy read….

        BTW, Mr Butler was asked by DuPont, GM and Prescott Bush to overthrow the US government. It even went before Congress, but was covered up. Butler went to the “hospital” and tossed himself out a window…

  5. Since sheriffs are elected does this ass-wipe of a governor even have the legal authority to terminate them?

    1. Hi LSA,

      Although I understand you consternation,.. the simple fact is, Cuomo is not,… was not the problem here.

      Politicians and ALL pyschopaths seek unlimited power. What is SUPPOSE to stop them,.. are the people who take an oath to do so.

      In this case, soon as Cuomo threatened them,.. they should have arrested him on the spot for Threatening, Abuse Of Power, and Treason.

      Let that happen a few times, and watch how quickly the politicians will think twice before trying it again.

      Ther real problem was not another megalomaniac exposing his despotic tendencies,.. the problem was the safe-guard of our liberties refusing to uphold their Oaths, refusing to arrest him, and refusing to simply act like,…. men.

      The Sheriffs are the ones at fault here. If they did their job, Cuomo would be in a jail cell, thereby removing one more Hard-Core-Communist from the governmental system.

      JD – US Marines – When the Sheriffs stop acting like cowards,… and start doing their duty,..I’m sure others will follow.

  6. Thank you J.D. That was excellent, and I am glad I asked because you were so eloquent, and added to my learnings. I, with your permission will copy on my notepad what you wrote for future use. I understand all you mentioned, and I know well of Smedley Butler, and many others, but you did a great job of fine tuning how I should approach the situation. On another note, my brother does get it now, and we are getting along. Part of it was he got cancer and realized it came from agent orange. It changed his thought process. From what I hear he is doing fine, he also took some of my advice about alternative cures. I am so proud of my brother. He became a missionary near Tijuana Mexico, working mostly with orphan children. Seems as tho he, as you did, made the best of the situation, in your own ways. I dont know how he made it thru vietnam, seems as tho the helicopter gunner is the first one the other side wants to kill. Other than the pilot I suppose. I was reading about what to do in regards to search dogs, and they said “shoot the handler” ….anyway.
    Your note to me was amazing..thank you.
    I was in the Navy, but I never left San Diego. So what do I know, I was either in skool or working an 8-5 thing.
    Thank you for taking time with me, and I know I may seem like an arse sometimes, but its only because I want to learn more.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Ok,.. thank you. Glad it was of some usefulness to you.

      As for your brother, I’m glad he is waking up and, “getting it”,.. as it is always better late,… than never.

      It also demonstrates a key method when trying to wake someone up and they show any measure of resistance to obvious facts,… which is,… make it personal.

      Always it phrase it in the form of how it will effect them,.. DIRECTLY,.. what is it they persoanlly are going to lose, what is going to be stolen from them directly.

      People who will not/do not repond to the more elusive notion of the greater good, will usually repond when it becomes personal,.. so that is almost always the one angle of approach that will work when all else fails.

      Anyway,.. you, and anyone else always has my belssing to use anything I post or say if you feel it will be beneficial to do so.

      Thank you again – JD – US Marines – Hoping more people like Jennifer are joining our ranks every single day now!

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