Couple arrested in bed by armed police after paramedic mistook remote control for a gun

Loaded weapon: Michelle Malone and Keith Abrahams were woken at gunpoint when a remote control was mistaken for a firearmMirror

A couple were arrested at gunpoint in the middle of the night when a remote control was mistaken for a firearm.

Michelle Malone, 46, and Keith Abrahams, 44, were woken up by an armed police raid at their home and bundled into a police van.

Cops swooped after reports of a man brandishing a gun in the property – but it turned out to be the TV remote.  

Now Michelle and Keith are suing after being locked in a cell and quizzed by detectives for four hours.

They were later released without charge and – to top off the indignity of the entire situation – “humiliated” Keith was forced to walk home in just his underwear.

The mix-up happened on June 24 when a paramedic attended the couple’s house after Michelle suffered a panic attack.

But her condition worsened when 18 officers burst into their flat in Hereford at 1am the next morning.

The pair said they were surrounded by 10 armed officers wearing body armour, eight uniformed police as well as a dog handler.

They were then frog-marched from their home and taken to a nearby police station.

Officers then conducted a forensic fingertip search of the property but found no trace of a gun.

Detectives confirmed during the pair’s interview the paramedic believed he had spotted Keith holding a firearm in the bedroom.

But Michelle revealed how Keith had been watching TV in bed at the time of the medic’s visit – and the only thing he had been holding at the time was a remote control.

She said: “The police told us the medic had seen a 10 inch long black firearm being held by Keith as he lay in bed.

“But he had dozed off watching TV in his bedroom – it must have been the remote.

“There is no other explanation. The room was dark but I can’t see how you would mistake it for a weapon.

“I suffered the indignity of being treated like this all for the sake of a television remote control.

“I’m an upstanding citizen and normal people should not be treated like this.

“I can only believe to imagine what my neighbours thought.

“I just remember running out of bed after hearing a bang like and earthquake and seeing police pointing guns at Keith, who was up against the wall.

“We were held at the station for four hours but released without charge, but I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were searching for a gun.

“I’ve never had a gun in my life – I’ve never even seen one before.

“It was just horrendous.

“I got back to the house and it was completely wrecked from the search and I just broke down.

“We received no apology and I just feel violated by their intrusive actions.”

Michelle, a former prison custody officer, is now taking legal action against West Mercia Police and has complained to the IPCC after she suffered concussion, which she says was a result of police’s heavy-handed tactics.

Keith, a forklift truck driver, added: “I was shocked to death.

“Having guns pointed within an inch of my eyes is not the most fun. I had only been sat in bed and I’d dozed off watching something on telly.

“The next thing I know I’m being ordered out of bed at gunpoint, it was absolutely terrifying.

“They took Michelle home but I had to walk back wearing a vest and boxer shorts.

“It was pretty humiliating.”

The couple are also demanding an apology from West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) who have since launched an internal investigation into the paramedic who called police.

Yesterday a police spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating the complaints raised by Michelle and Keith.

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “WMAS has received a formal complaint regarding the incident in Hereford.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further while an investigation into the complain is ongoing.”

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13 thoughts on “Couple arrested in bed by armed police after paramedic mistook remote control for a gun

  1. Here’s a memo to all you cops out there. This is America and we are allowed by the Constitution to bare arms. Especially in our own homes.

  2. Well how does it feel Michelle – you former prison custody officer!!! I do not mean to discreadit what the cops and all did, as they were wrong, but how does it feel you bitch. So now what are you going to do about it, because if it was a comon person we wouldn`t have a day in court you bitch, and that goes for your hubby too.

  3. Insanity. So having a gun at the side of the bed (which in this case he didn’t) is illegal now? WTF?

    So if we see a gun now, we are supposed to call the police? HELLO!! 2nd Article of the BILL OF RIGHTS! Do these paramedical idiots ever read the Bill of Rights? I’m guessing not. This story has paid informant written all over it.

    1. not sure, but sounds like this happened in one of those British countries, perhaps.

      No matter where it happened, these nighttime raids on people are insanely over the top. Not only costly money-wise, but just stupid overkill. So, the insanity of it is very telling.

      (are these training exercises?)

  4. Slowly,even some of the dumbest sheep catch on when they have a gun barrel in their face by the thugs they like to pretend are there for their own good.This is an everyday occurrence in this country now that the over grown thug police state they have in place all over the country. The more these criminals get away with the bolder and more dangerous they are becoming. If there are any good cops out there like we hear about its time for them to step up to the plate and be just that,good cops and put an end to this. I sure wont hold my breathe on that ever happening though. I think these pr#@ks love their job! When a cop car pulls in behind you do you feel any safe or threatened for simply being on the road?

  5. Hey fellow Americans, don’t get your panties in a bunch! This happened in Herefordshire, England…not in the United States. It’s really no wonder why citizens of the UK want their guns back (yeah, good luck getting that undone. They got them and you will never get them back.). To protect themselves against the armed criminals, and now it seems, the more heavily armed UK SWAT police.

    1. ““Having guns pointed within an inch of my eyes is not the most fun. I had only been sat in bed and I’d dozed off watching something on telly.”

      No one in this country call the tv a telly.

      Dead giveaway.

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