5 thoughts on “Couple Sells Home to LIVE in TRUCK CAMPER and AUSTRALIA

  1. The only place I’ve ever been that I’d love to go back to is Cairns, Australia.

    Wouldn’t be a bad place to live, either, but… NO GUNS.

    F%&k that.

  2. I like his dog warning sign. I have my stickers on the way.

    Really sad you have to actually warn people not to reach in your vehicle, and attempt to pet your dog now.

    It’s f***ing aggravating and draining as all get out.

    1. Get tired of overhearing the socialsoc attitude, “why would anyone bring a dog in public no one can pet?”

      Never considered my truck cab and bed as public property, norm dogs being in public somehow making them communal property.

      Really annoying to now have to put signs on truck to protect my dogs from teaching idiots a lesson.

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