11 thoughts on “Couple who drew guns to protect property now under investigation

  1. Make no mistake, this tyrant bit#h is a gun-grabbing communist/feminist/abortionist who has no place among a free people!

  2. Okay, So “peaceful protestors” threatening to burn the house we built ourselves down and then mountain lions and bears eat them…and we get “investigated”? Bwahahahahahahah!

    I’d say this “circuit attorney” (admiralty law, of course) could just maybe have something personal against the brave couple that defended themselves and their home…. Just as when brute cops attack folks for no reason….because it’s personal. Chauvin vs. Floyd….personal, even if Floyd did die of fentanyl overdose not a choke hold….unless he didn’t die of course….

  3. This couple looks the least likely to have ever handled a firearm let alone owned one. They even wear the karen and chad costumes. Odd…

    1. My point is if a fake dead guy got fake murdered by fake cops which ultimately spawned a fake international outrage, isn’t it the least bit plausible this is being either cherry picked or created to attack US from their never ending attacks on firearms? Would it be the first time and would they let a crisis go to waste? THAT is what would be the FIRST time in the course of events. If you saw it on the “news”, there’s a reason for it.

      1. Well, that is certainly feasible. Hadn’t thought of that. And not only the gun issue, but also the “war on whitey issue.” I’m glad you brought this out, Martist. Will watch this more closely and see what fruits are born of it.


        1. Hey, Martist. Jus’ came across this quote and it reminded me of you:

          “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
          — Aristotle



          1. Thank you, Galen, that’s quite a compliment for someone like myself. I just find it odd and had to be the devil’s advocate with this because it raised my eyebrows a bit, as if defending one’s life or property is ever open for debate or discussion. The fact it was a bar mouthpiece and his wife wielding weaponry in such a way, it seemed akin to alex jonestein being the poster boy for freedom and revolution on cnn. No evidence so this is purely conjecture but felt it necessaryas a point of possibility. I’ve been trying to enlarge stills to see if it’s even a real ar15 because the john brown gun club also liked to run around with airsoft weapons and portray ownership or carrying of them as “evil”. Same with that raz hip-hop wannabe star who gets in the limelight and mega publicity to suddenly become “warlord”. He’ll have an imdb page in no time with those credentials.

          2. Thanks, Martist. Yeah, Jonesteins everywhere. But…

            “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”
            — Frederick Douglass



  4. How convenient that the “attorney” did not mention that the “peaceful protesters” broke down the front gate of that couple’s home.


  5. These people had cause. Their community was vandalized and 500 people made threats to maim and destroy. Don’t judge their ability less thee have been their. Two untrained held 500 rioters at bay.
    Good job. Even if your suck sucking lawyers. Should have boog’d in my opinion. Your in trouble and didn’t hurt anyone.

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