Court Rules That Illegal Aliens Have Second Amendment Rights

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

When Mario Meza-Rodriguez was five years old, his parents brought him into the United States illegally. By the time he was an adult, he managed to get in trouble with the police after getting into a bar fight two years ago. When the police arrested him, they discovered a .22 caliber pistol in his pocket. Even though illegal aliens can’t own firearms under federal law, Meza-Rodriguez argued in court that charging him for possessing the pistol would violate his Second Amendment rights. The court disagreed. He was convicted and deported.  

However, the 7th Circuit Court has recently ruled in Mario’s favor, while also upholding his conviction. They believe that the words “the people” in the Second Amendment, apply to everyone in the US, including illegal aliens. At the same time though, they believe that his conviction is still valid since the US government can restrict gun ownership for known law breakers. Mario’s lawyer is challenging their decision on the grounds that it contradicts itself.

Their decision is certainly confusing. Obviously, everyone in this countryis supposed to have certain rights regardless of their citizenship status. Even if you’re an illegal, you be can’t be imprisoned indefinitely without trial, you can’t be tortured into a confession, and you have the right to an attorney (at least you did before 9/11). But once you’re convicted, you can lose your rights. If you couldn’t restrict the rights of a known criminal, then you couldn’t punish anyone for anything. If you ask me, it sounds like the 7th Circuit Court is trying to establish a new precedent for illegal aliens.

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19 thoughts on “Court Rules That Illegal Aliens Have Second Amendment Rights

  1. “everyone in this country is supposed to have certain rights regardless of their citizenship status. Even if you’re an illegal”

    Wrong. Illegals have NO RIGHTS…

    What a crock!

    1. I think you’re right, Hoppes.

      Since just their (illegal) presence in this country makes them felons even before they’re arrested for anything, I don’t see how a judge can decide they have any of the rights outlined in the Constitution, which wouldn’t apply to them until they became naturalized anyway, even if crossing the border weren’t a crime.

      It is a crock. And the judge needs to have his head in a crock, too.

    2. JR, this kind of crap gets me so pissed, I see white. I know there are many the same. It’s gettin’ close, I feel it in my bones….

      I’m gettin’ too old for this sh*t…

  2. Seems more and more as though the only ones with rights (Constitutional or otherwise) are the illegals, anyone on the left and anyone the left feels they need to protect; everyone else (that would be us law-abiding ‘legal’ citizens) have no rights, have no protection, have no unbiased ear with the courts and (currently) have very little hope. All makes perfect sense from the progressive and nwo point of view.

  3. Happy hunting kids.

    This broke ass is tired of not being able to feed himself or keep a roof over his head. What Im really sick of is all the ‘good Americans’ who want me to suck the states tit for free food and rent money or acquiesce into slavery by using the number of the beast(pending credit check,drug test, acceptance of min wage for skilled labor, etc).

    So I can either do ALL the dirty work that each american should be doing for themselves(nope), I can eat my own gun(nope), or I can go[out] with no intent of coming back and assume anyone with a fancy badge(or a shiny truck) wants to cause me harm.

    Just remember,
    Im not on any meds nor have I ever been.
    I am not affiliated with nor do I agree with ANY group whatsoever.
    I do not hate any one ‘type’ of person more than another(except stupid people)
    AND I have zero criminal record.

    And for the hoofed ones who may follow,
    Aint no warning shots in this salvo. best of luck to you.


    1. Ryan, it’s always nice to know true Americans are among us. Life is tough. We weren’t born with any guarantees. We made our lives what they are. Then we live with it. Good or bad and learn. That’s life.

      I’m sure people like you and I expect nothing from anyone, especially the government. I won’t even listen to the suggestion myself. It’s one of the reasons this country, our country, is in such bad shape. Too many slackers looking for freebies.

      Stay strong. Things always get better. We need you anyway when the shooting starts.

    2. My heart goes out to you Ryan! Couldn’t have said it better! Like any fight, anticipation is the worst part. Once the pressure cooker pops it’s all or none and the stress levels off as focus is more important.

      Those who are of my family, my our Father look upon us, bless us and bring us again into His presence.

  4. I can take a WILD guess why the GOVERNMENT suddenly WANTS the 2nd amendment… La Raza and Aztlanders ring a bell anyone? They really came out and spat in everyones faces with this one, no guns for AMERICANS but ILLEGALS are allowed to pack all the arms they want… Yeah I know where this is going.

  5. “They believe that the words “the people” in the Second Amendment, apply to everyone in the US, including illegal aliens.”

    They believe NOTHING of the sort. They KNOW it’s BULLSH#T, but since they’re communist traitors, they’ll spread those butt cheeks wide for their scumbag jew masters.

    “However, the 7th Circuit Court has recently ruled in Mario’s favor,…”

    Again, that’s what they’re there for, to reverse any unfavorable ‘rulings’ for the communists/jews.

    1. Below is the original text, the preamble to the US Constitution. Obviously the 7thc. never read the US Constitution.

      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence [sic], promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”

      Clearly it does not read:
      We the People in the United States.

    2. If you are illegally in this country, when should we send your welfare check and free healthcare card? Oh, yes, your children qualify for free lunches at school, at the address of the new housing we have built for your arrival. Invite your neighbors and friends to join you, there’s plenty to steal from these stupid Americans. Oh, and here’s your free gun to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights!

      1. These foreign communists on the court are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.
        The laws of a nation are internal within its sovereign borders. These felonious foreign invaders are an armed enemy. They have no ‘rights’ in this country. They are to be disarmed and deported.
        These treasonous bastards are trying to say armed invaders from a foreign nation have the right to invade and occupy our country. I’m not a frickin retard, thusly I tell you they can’t.

  6. Ahh they are just making sure everyone is armed and ready for their provoked war
    And if we play along and shoot each other instead of them , they win … Again

  7. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROLMFAO!! I knew this was coming. As always, illegal immigrants get all of our Rights and us legal American born Nationals get all our Rights taken away.

    Yet, people still don’t believe we are being invaded. Seriously? Do they need a sign held by people in enemy uniform? Even then, they’d still probably say, “Whatever”.

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