7 thoughts on “Coutts Blockade Ends Over Police False Flag Attack & Daniel Bulford Confirms Stolen Weapons Cache!

  1. Love and honor, peacefulness….they think they will wrestle their freedom from armed, megalomaniacs in this way..!!

    Well now you see how they play… a set up that labels you as armed insurgents and what do you do, pick up and run……don’t want that donation cash to go to waste now do you!

    This shit the world over only ends one way with these globalist tyrants and their servants/enforcers dead or us dead!

    They have declared as much!

    Stop, or I’ll say stop again!

  2. I already witnessed how they beat up our elderly men and women. Love and honour is good, only to a point. It exposes the enemy as the outsider it is. Those who swore an oath to serve and protect us under the Law have a choice. Some will never turn on their own people. Those are the ones we need to rely on to turn their guns at the individuals from whom the orders are coming down. This is all we can hope for.

    1. “This is all we can hope for.”
      I disagree. You people don’t have any matches up there? Knives? Ball bats? Hammers? Do you not outnumber your enemy? Each and every one of you is bound to fight. If someone else does your fighting for you, when the fighting is over, they will become your new oppressor. We are all individuals. Over 7 billion on this planet and no two the same. That means the only true freedom there is is individual autonomy and it is the responsibility of the individual to enforce his or her will, as long as he or she is in the right. And I don’t care what anybody else tells you, there is no such thing as rules of war. The very notion of it is laughable.
      Food for thought.

      1. Thanks, Henry. When I said the cops turning their guns at the individuals from whom the orders are coming down is our only hope, I wasn’t thinking about all those other things you listed when I made that comment because I was caught up in what happened at the bridge when we were outnumbered by Doug’s thugs with guns, and they beat up an elderly lady. I forgot for a moment, that not one of the pigs who were there, were fighting for that woman, or for any of the others who got hauled away. We do outnumber them, but from what I see and feel around me, they have already capitulated to their tyrannical overlords. That said, I did meet one other individual at the grocery store this evening (Trenches in my earbuds, and you were on fire!) who wasn’t wearing a slave muzzle, so I went over to talk to him. Turns out he knows about the Trenches, too! He has friends who listen in all the time. Maybe we do have some good men here after all! Oh, and I do have a big, heavy iron frying pan and all kinds of kitchen and farming tools. I work hard on the land. My mind is going through a transformative process from peace to war. It has to. Thanks again. I love learning from you.

    2. For quite some time, I thought about what you said here: “Love and honour is good, only to a point.”

      As I see it, love and honor are very high attributes, and in themselves, always good. There’s an old quote I was unable to find but it went something like this:

      “Behind many an act of horrendous violence lives a great love, and a will to do what’s needed.”

      Speaking only for myself, love and honor are two of the main reasons I’m willing to put my life on the line. It’s love that’s helping me focus my rage and honor that reveals what must be done. Without these, I’d probably not do much. Not that I’ve mastered these qualities but I keep reaching for them. I know you already know this dear Diana, but I just had to say it.


      1. galen, reaching to grasp the highest attributes we posess as free human beings in the face of the tyrannical monsters I witnessed last Sunday in my own back yard, for the very first time in such close proximity to where I stood, in real time and space, as I spoke with a rookie RCMP officer seated comfortably in his police cruiser, asking him why he wasn’t fighting for us, as the attack was in progress, has me a bit shaken in my ability to articulate what I need to get to, so, as I read yours and Henry’s comments, the wisdom you share is raising me to the level I am seeking to attain. I feel like the strategy we are using in Canada will turn the tide as long as, like you so kindly articulated for me to understand, the love and honour serves its most noble purpose and those final horrendous and necessary acts of violence will be carried out, but only as a last resort. I hope the conversation I had with that little piggy made him think about which side of history he may have already chosen. It probably won’t change anything in his mind, but maybe it will. Maybe next time, he will stand up for us, or stand down when given unlawful orders. Maybe not.

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