COVID-19 vaccine may cause short-term changes in body, expert thinks


MOSCOW, August 11. /TASS/. The vaccine against the coronavirus infection developed in Russia may cause certain changes in the human body but they are of short-term nature and are directed at the protection of the body, said President of Russia’s Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery Leo Bokeria.

“Now that the vaccine is created, several people of high standing on their own initiative went to get inoculated. Of course, certain changes in the body may be expected. But on the other hand, we made sure that these are short-term changes, there is no harm in them, besides, they are meant to protect the body,” he told journalists at the nationwide Nation’s Health as the Foundation for a Flourishing Russia forum.

He stressed that the issue of inoculation will be resolved properly by the Russian healthcare system. According to him, nobody will be forced to get vaccinated. He noted that it is important to understand that after inoculation the individual may endure a light form of the infection and then will develop protection against the virus.

The heart surgeon added that he hasn’t been offered to get vaccinated yet.

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 vaccine may cause short-term changes in body, expert thinks

  1. But permanently altering your DNA

    Makes me wonder sometimes how many of us are true humans with our original DNA at this point

    1. Can’t prove this, but years ago, when idealism ran my life, I once read that instead of 2 strands of DNA we originally had 12, but because of “devolution” (insulation from, and obstruction to the natural laws) we lost some of our capabilities. Some lost capabilities mentioned were clairvoyance, telekinesis, inherent savant/genius qualities, etc. Some say that when we used to go barefoot, we could sense earth-changes, I guess like horses do with coming storms and earthquakes. And we naturally knew the four directions with the draw of true north on our bodies, kinda like we ourselves had an inner compass. Jus’ some things I remember from days ago, the days of ingesting and experimenting. I bet some of them are true.



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