6 thoughts on “COVID Cultist Kicks Jogger In The Face Over Not Social Distancing From Family, Child Heard Screaming

  1. Here Todd demonstrates the vaccine-induced insanity that is gripping many today. Insanity and incoherency showing up at different degrees every day. I hope skinny guy finds a way to get even.


    1. Skinny ain’t in it. Fighting is an art. When you say, “Sizing up an opponent”, it means something.
      This Todd punk knew he could beat up this hippy sissy and the way he fought is exactly the way I would expect someone of his physique. Different people, different body make-up, you fight different ways.
      The skinny guy had the reach by a mile with both his feet and his arms. He just had no clue how to fight. If on top of that jogging he was doing he was doing a hundred push-ups every day and working a curl bar, over handed and under handed, this chubby little Todd boy wouldn’t even have been a fight. Todd knew he was dealing with somebody who was a sissy. He would never have opened his mouth if I would have passed him within six inches on a sidewalk.
      As soon as I started watching the video, I knew exactly how he would attack, and if he was stupid enough to do it, ten seconds flat, he’d be laying there unconscious unable to have any more children. He has a big chest but his arms are weak, that is why he had to kick the guy who was folded up like a baby because his arms weren’t strong enough to do damage.
      If you don’t know how to fight you’d better learn.
      As for this pacifist hippy, chubby Todd never put a mark on him, and I would tell him if you are not going to learn how to fight you’d best arm yourself. Or maybe you’d better not because as you have no courage some little chubby punk like this Todd will take your weapon away and use it on you.
      Skinny hippy, you are a fast runner, and if you ain’t got the balls to fight you better become an expert at run-fu.
      As I said before, sizing someone up for a fight can be accomplished in a second and if you don’t hesitate you’ll never get beat up on the playground again.
      I’m sure they showed this Todd twerp video just to try to counter the fact that the Todds and Karens are getting their asses kicked all over the place.
      And to this skinny hippy, that is probably the first fight you’ve ever been in in your life and you’ve never curled anything heavier than a dandelion that you were lifting to your nose to take a sniff.
      Hal Apeeno is right. The guy deserves no f-king respect whatsoever and it doesn’t look like jogging is going to save your ass unless you are astute enough to admit you are a coward, you’d better take off running. You could have outrun the chubby boy, but you are worthless to yourself and everyone around you as far as being a fighter.

  2. Whatever the reason
    If he’s gonna be attacked
    and do nothing
    He gets no respect
    Do something
    Even if you don’t win
    Make sure that fk
    feels like he didn’t
    Unplug his balls or something
    Just as well have run away

  3. That lunatic is upset because he feels the jogger is too close to his family. But no one in his family is wearing a mask, and he gets right up in the guy’s face to assault him.

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