CPS confiscates healthy girl from parents who smoked pot, gave her to a murderous foster mother

Published on Aug 2, 2013 by rambone5

ROUND ROCK, TX — A little girl was confiscated from her loving parents because they smoked marijuana, and given away to a foster mother who put her into a coma and killed her. Alexandria Hill, age 2, succumbed to her injuries after being “thrown to the ground.”


“We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care,” said Joshua Hill, the girl’s natural father.

Hill says that his daughter was put in to more than one dangerous foster home.

“She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested because I wouldn’t let her go back,” said Hill.

The girl was then moved to a different foster home, under the care of Sherill Small in Rockdale, and Hill says things seemed safe there. However, appearances were deceiving.

On Monday night, Hill got an urgent call to come to the hospital. When he got there , he found his daughter in a coma. She died 2 days later.

This illustrates a widespread injustice perpetrated regularly across the country. Healthy, happy children are stolen from loving families who have never once caused them harm, and put into the care of the state, where they can be forcibly drugged and put into all kinds of questionable situations with strangers. And this is done without a trial, without a conviction, without due process. A simple accusation of “neglect” (a loosely defined term these days) can result in armed agents of the state entering your home to kidnap your child.

Hill was 4 months away from getting his daughter returned to him.


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  1. Sadly this is something the Americans are learning from us British who has this brutal system so tied up and protected and people making an absolute fortune out of misery, where innocent families are farmed for their children and all it takes is an opinion by a social worker, nothing more and that child is stolen, into foster care, into adoption and 99% of cases seen now there has been no crime, not even an accusation of a crime but an opinion that sometime, maybe, could be that perhaps in the future a risk could occur and that is how 90,000 children are permanently stolen by social services every year in what has become a whopping £15 Billion industry.

    Here in Britain bad foster parents and adoptive parents are kept secret by the state, we have no idea how many children are harmed by people once leaving the family but there was recently a case, where a 53 year old counter terrorism officer was found guilty of lying and fraud, was sent to prison but because of her “status” she was still allowed to adopt a child 50 years younger than her and in the article of the time it was revealed she was a failed pub landlady, a former bankrupt, that she was a convicted criminal too were three major forbidden hurdles for adoption but Essex County Council allowed the adoption to proceed.

    My advice to ALL people who deal with social services whether in the UK or elsewhere… VIDEO and AUDIO record EVERYTHING you can, record every phone call, record every visit, stick a recording device in a childs teddy bear and give to child when being spoken to on own by social workers or “professionals”, it is the only way to save your children as I lost my grandsons custody through lying bastard social workers, I can prove they lied, I can prove they perjured but no one gives a damn because his adoptive parents are bloody Freemasons and well protected and love playing pretend happy families with someone elses children.

  2. I think the main function of CPS is to demonstrate that your children are the property of the state.

    The government has no business making decisions about anybody’s kids or family life, and it’s a big mistake to allow it because they have a long history of screwing up everything they get their hands into.

    Giving a bunch of idiotic social workers with their own personality flaws the ability to take people’s kids away from them would only make sense to another idiot, or sociopath.

    1. The Nazi’s did this when Hitler decreed Lebensraum and saw “damaged genetic” children put to death and hundreds of thousands if not more children literally stolen by the state and given over to state entities, or to families of officers when Hitler felt an officer would be best if seen as a “family” man and so literally overnight fell in place a plan to harvest the lower classes for children and to object as a parent was an act of treason punishable by death, even a show of emotion would see a parent thrown into a gaol for six months for “defeatism”.

      Many boys too ended up in various and quite sinister institutions such as the Jugend schools or the SS schools where they were taken to camps and encouraged to kill Jews and other state “untermensch” and post pubescent girls ended up quite often in state brothels working for the Gestapo as informants.

      Have things changed much when you look at the “Boys Town” scandal? Recently over here in the UK there have been two major scandals involving childrens homes but the police refuse to investigate the social workers who I believe as do a great many others and some of the victims themselves said their seemed to be a great complicity between the social workers and the Asian gangs who were gang raping these teenage girls repeatedly, one social worker used to drop off two of the girls but social workers can do no wrong here as we have the NSPCC which acts like AIPAC does in the US, if you criticise a social worker you end up being labelled an aider and abetter of child abuse by the NSPCC and so MP’s steer well clear of anything like this 🙁

      1. I forgot to add that here in the UK, secretly every year over 200 parents end up in prison, if they speak out, question, go to the press over the loss of their children and shambolic treatment by social services, the secret family courts send them to prison and if a member of the family, friends etc reveal this, they too end up in “contempt” of court and go to prison too.

        1. Generalplan OST
          SS Lebensraum Project
          SS Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt

          They had special camps for much of this called Kindererziehungslager’s to sort out the “suitable” from the “genetic waste”.

          Kinder-Euthanasie was the initial name given to the programme of euthanising children leaving some 5,000 dead under that particular means and was borne mainly from Hitler’s decree in 1929 that Germany should “cull” some 700,000 babies a year and that it should be seen as a strengthening of the nation.

          It is a pretty horrible subject, researching into the hows and the whys, the use of propaganda and lies by the state to justify it claiming all the deaths were asked for by the parents, many parents of sick children would see their child taken to a far away hospital and not even know they had been killed off.

  3. Today’s social services would make Moses proud.

    Social services is inspired/encouraged by the ‘ chosenites’ to destroy families, so the above statement makes perfect sense. No?


  4. The state assumes ownership of the child via the birth (stock) certificate.

    Ya gotta read the fine print.

    1. That is rite #1. That birth cirtificate and that number on the back of it pretty much seals the deal as far as being owned property to them. You are rite #1, most people never do read the fine print.

  5. It’s more than a stupid social services or cps – all our govrnments are evil. By its fruit you will know the tree. All the cops killing innocent people, government could put a stop to it if they had a mind to but it suits them, they have a plan and it is to turn our countries into hell-holes.

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