9 thoughts on “Crazy Christians dancing To Death-Metal

  1. Them niggers need some serious counseling.

    But I’m going be positive on this…

    And look at the brightside.

    It really could be worse.

    They could be listening to gangster rap holding snakes.

  2. Chigger…

    Omni pod insect .

    Related to the hook worm that was eradicated in the mid sixties that made people act like forrest and bubba gump.

    Due to the cheap prices and affordable shoes by converse.



    That would be that Mexican mothfkr cooking up your chow main at your favorite Chinese restaurant.

    I don’t know about you.

    But when I go to an asian restaurant.

    There better be a slant eyed gook cooking and spittin in my food.

  3. So, Death metal, mostly played (and sang, if you can call that singing) by whites, at a mostly black church? And the nonsense “dancing” reminds me of that church scene in “Blue Brothers”… Something is not right here….

  4. What I would like to know, among 10 billion other things, is… Was that the music they were actually playing or did someone overdub the metal? I couldn’t figure it out. Either way, looks like their party brought heaven down to earth for them and a good time was had by all, even if they did awaken a few nefarious spirits.


  5. Hilarious find, Henry! LOL Been to a lot of shows like these in my younger years but the folks usually weren’t so well-dressed or black.

    It’s just some good editing set to some bad music, kids. 🙂

    The evangelicals in this are much closer to openly worshipping satan then they realize, though.

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