9 thoughts on “Crazy Nature…..

  1. That’s hysterical, but one has to wonder why this “flat Earth” movement recently gained so many adherents.

    It’s disinformation designed to make readers of alternative news look like incredulous morons, and this is an ENDLESS process that’s behind MOST of what we see and read in the “alternative news”. And yes, kids WERE shot and killed at Sandy Hook, for example.

    (My Very Educated Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pickles…..mnemonic device for remembering the names and positions of the planets)

  2. Honestly I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE BELIEVES THIS FLAT EARTH NONSENSE! Now I had a neighbor years ago–a homeopathic doctor no less!–who believed in geocentrism that the sun and the universe revolved around Earth because he thought it was in the Bible (or the Book of Enoch anyway) using the “Joshua’s Long Day” argument (when God caused the Sun to be still for hours). But even he knew the Earth was round!

    Folks, a “flat Earth” is physically impossible (when you consider Magellon CIRCUMNAVIGATED the GLOBE in 15-something) and when considering Ocean currents which are based partially on the Earth ROTATING…folks, it is very hard to rotate a flat surface in space. And it is mathematically impossible as well, because if the Earth was flat that would mean this flat surface would go on forever as parallel lines NEVER meet. And what is under this flat surface? the dark side of the round moon?

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