Creepy SURRENDER to 5G, Putting 5G To Work Messages In The Sky Above Las Vegas


Jan 13, 2020

I have to give a thank you shout out to all that send info in my way. This was just caught in Las Vegas Over the Weekend and had some people not liking what they are seeing. If you have any info connected to this, let me know at

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7 Responses to Creepy SURRENDER to 5G, Putting 5G To Work Messages In The Sky Above Las Vegas

  1. Hal Apeeno says:

    I’d have to see that in person, or an image from someone I trust.

  2. Enemy of the State says:


  3. mary in ND again says:

    S U R R E N D E R …. D O R O T H Y…….I saw that in ‘The Wizard Of OZ ‘ 🙂

  4. Martist says:

    The chemtrails are a nice backdrop. Gives the message a little more ominous “umph”, sends it home, ya know?

    Yeah, sending that message right on home…

  5. Frank says:

    Obviously its been only a conspiracy theory to many until now…..the gauntlet has been thrown down (actually for quite awhile now if one only WOULD see). For me and mine, I choose NOT to go quietly into the night. In light of past history I believe they are up to no good toward us.

    Frank in Virginia

  6. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    I’m in vegas right now, I just bought a new verizon phone, I had to for my work. Verizon told me that 5G is not available yet, att&t is lying about having it. Verizon says no 5G anywhere yet.

    My new 2020 verizon phone says 4G reception on the status bar. Yes, I know, you can’t believe anything you read or hear, but this is what they’re telling me.

    My daughter who works for verizon, sold me the phone, and told me this.

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