4 thoughts on “Crooks targeting victims with $100 bill parking lot scam

  1. Same urban legends every friggin year…fear porn being used as a distraction tool to keep focus off the real problems at hand. If it is created and/or endorsed by msm, you can bet on who it benefits most from it. That having been said I won’t pay it any more attention

  2. Who is so unaware that they wouldn’t see it BEFORE they got in the car, and snatch it then?

    Also, now that it’s been in the news, if you see it on your windshield, simply start the car, bolt, and remove it down the road. The wiper blade will hold it down.

  3. I’d like to see the guy that would lose 100$ any time this was played on me

    First off, ( that is if this is even true) first off I would remove the bill before ever getting in my truck, second, Im armed..come try and take back your money or my truck

    touche bi^&hes

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