Crowds Flock to Times Square for New Year’s Eve

Photos: World Begins Celebrating 2015NBC – by Colleen Long

Revelers eager to claim spots to ring in 2015 in Times Square arrived hours early on Wednesday, enduring freezing temperatures and a scarcity of restrooms before the glittering ball drop at midnight at the Crossroads of the World.

“Well, this is a bucket list item you have to do once in your life,” said Caitlin Deavy, a tourist from Ottawa. “Come to Times Square and freeze for a couple of hours.”  

Agustina Bernacchia, a tourist from Argentina, agreed.

“We want to live the experience, to be in Times Square in New Year’s Eve,” she said. “It was a dream for us.”

The 11,875-pound ball was poised high above the gathering masses, awaiting the big midnight moment, when up to a million revelers planned to watch its glittery trip down a pole in the last seconds of 2014.

Temperatures in the 50s just days earlier plunged to freezing as the new year approached. Merrymakers passed through security checks and entered pens where they must stay to reserve good views. On the plus side, there was no rain or snow in the forecast.

The realities of standing in the cold for hours to share a memorable and euphoric moment with others from around the globe led some to acknowledge their difficult quests.

“It will be unenjoyable, but I won’t leave,” said Michael Smith, a Texas tourist.

“It’s once-in-a-lifetime stuff,” said Grace Ramanivosoa, a Madagascar tourist. “For the first time and maybe the last time in my life doing New Year’s Eve here.”

Ryan Seacrest was slated to host the countdown show, with Taylor Swift, Idina Menzel, Florida Georgia Line and Magic! among the musical guests. When the clock strikes midnight and the ball drops, so will 1 ton of confetti containing well wishes for the upcoming year.

Security was tight. Thousands of police officers were on scene, with rooftop patrols and police helicopters protecting the crowd, along with the bomb squad and a unit specializing in chemical and biological threats sweeping hotels, theaters, construction sites and parking garages.

“We have on the counterterrorism area no specific threats directed against Times Square,” Police Commissioner William Bratton told reporters below 1 Times Square hours ahead of the ball drop.

The celebration came in a city facing more demonstrations against police brutality even as it mourns the deaths of two officers shot in their patrol car by a man who vowed online to kill “pigs.” A march from Union Square north as close to Times Square as possible was planned for Wednesday evening. Police said they had prepared for protests and were on heightened alert. Since the shootings, authorities have investigated at least 70 threats made against police officers, and 16 people have been arrested.

Each year, the police department assigns thousands of extra patrol officers to the festivities to control the crowd and watch for any signs of trouble. Visitors will see heavily armed counterterrorism teams and bomb-sniffing dogs. Rooftop patrols and NYPD helicopters will keep an eye on the crowd, and plainclothes officers will blend in with revelers. Newly graduated officers will take part.

After the show, sanitation crews will get to work cleaning up from the celebration, working through the night to rid the area of an estimated 50 tons of garbage including confetti, party hats and other leftovers from the revelry.

10 thoughts on “Crowds Flock to Times Square for New Year’s Eve

  1. “WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond got a rare look inside the NYPD’s joint operations center where six giant TV screens broadcast a bird’s eye view of Times Square.
    ‘This sophisticated network of closed-circuit TV feeds 911 calls, suspicious package alerts, and radiation level readings. This works in real time to send messages to police and security personnel,” O’Neil added.” (video in the link)

    “…That also means staying put behind the metal pens. There are no bathrooms and once people leave, they can’t come back to their spot.
    Some revelers wore adult diapers to avert the prospect of not peeing for several hours.
    Alcohol is also forbidden.
    Police also had a strict rule against backpacks, and they had already confiscated hundreds by 5 p.m.”

  2. What did J.D. say on “The Word” today? Sheeple are spending hundreds of dollars to freeze their gonads off tonight in Times Square. People are really stupid! Meanwhile, Millard will be enjoying some hot apple cider with a dash of rum and don’t forget the cinnamon stick! Either way, Happy New Year Henry, family, and all of the “Trenchers” from Millard!

  3. and wait till midnight when they get sprayed with sticky liquid from bottles popping open…. what fun…..

    cold.. and wet….and cold

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