CT, MD, NJ, CO, NY = Government Cowards

The New Boston Tea Party

Make no mistake about it state governments are on the war path. Sandy Hook was the trigger for dictatorial governors to shiv law-abiding citizens in the back . States such as Florida and Texas are reaping the benefits. The gun debate does nothing to stop mentally ill malcontents from wrecking havoc across their domain.

Gangbangers watch carefully from their lair, emerging during the night to stalk their prey. Next stop is Japan, England, and China. Tyrants look at the government as the solution, but in reality they are the problem. The liberal progressive institution charged with education is responsible for birthing savages. Instead of teaching basics the socialist educators taught progressivism, differences and hallucination type thinking. The end result being a violent society.  

Now that the problem has raised its ugly head again, the tyrants have no where to go. We have seen the Middle  East literally explode into mass violence.  The United States is heading down the same path as the government continues to plant IEDs. Connecticut is now the example for others to move forward against the will of the people, disarming their citizens, knowing full well that a Syrian situation is on the horizon. The more our rights are usurped, the closer to the day of revolution will be upon us. The days are fast approaching where red against blue in the octagon of debate will erupt into a civil war. Blue states are fast approaching the complete purge of any minority opinion; think one party rule.

The New Boston tea Party “where Revolution is the Solution.”


2 thoughts on “CT, MD, NJ, CO, NY = Government Cowards

  1. Well, if that is their goal, to turn a deaf ear to any opinion against their own to implement their agenda, then I wish they would hurry up. We simply can not proceed down this road of destruction any longer.

  2. ” . . . responsible for birthing savages”; good one.

    In Australia, decades ago in public schools there was the sub topic of Clear Thinking in the subject of English Expression.

    That sub topic in more recent years has disappeared, to be replaced by, as you say, ‘progressivism’.

    It’s not surprising therefore that people can’t tell the difference b/n truth and govt b/s when it comes to govt covering up for a false flag attack they themselves either do, or look the other way when a allied govt does it.

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