Cuomo urges Trump to issue executive order requiring masks

The Hill – by Justine Coleman

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) urged President Trump on Monday to issue an executive order requiring masks in public in the U.S.

The New York governor called on Trump during his press conference to follow in others states’ footsteps and direct “everyone to wear a mask” through a executive order. 

Cuomo also questioned “how we’re at this point as a nation” where “we still haven’t done the simple easy minimal step of saying you must wear a mask when you’re in public.”

The governor pointed to New York’s order to wear a mask issued two months ago and said that states that were previously “recalcitrant” are starting to declare similar orders, “doing a 180.”

“Let the president have the same sense and do that as an executive order,” he said.

The New York governor also said that Trump should “lead by example” and put a mask on.

“To the president I say today if you want to help stop COVID-19, then they should start telling the people of this country the truth,” he said. “And the truth starts with how large a problem this is and how real a threat COVID[-19] is.”

Other political leaders have called for Trump to issue a nationwide mask requirement, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) who told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that it was “definitely long overdue.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of masks in public but does not mandate it.

The country’s number of daily identified new cases has been rising, reaching beyond 40,000 on three days last week, according to The New York Times data.

The U.S. has confirmed more than 2.5 million COVID-19 cases across the country, and has had 125,928 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

At least 18 states require masks statewide, while the majority have some masks requirements throughout the state. Four states do not have known mask requirements: Montana, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin, according to Masks4All, a volunteer organization that advocates for mask wearing.

3 thoughts on “Cuomo urges Trump to issue executive order requiring masks

  1. F&@king McKinney and Collin County are now playing the “mandatory fave mask wearing in public and business places” crap like the city of Dallas is doing. Even though the weasel governor won’t issue an executive order himself, he’s basically passing the ball to his weasel mayors in Texas.

    F$&k them!!!!

    You can’t make me wear a damn muzzle in public.

    What’s next? Telling me I have to wear shoes instead of sneakers in public places?

    So this is what tyranny looks like.

    Funny how they didn’t require us to wear masks before and only recommended gloves. Now they don’t give a shit about gloves and require muzzles, I mean non breathable masks.


    Also it’s funny how I saw two cops the other day and neither one was wearing a mask and THEY HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PUBLIC!

    Does anyone say anything about that? No of course not, as they’re the king’s men.


    1. You know how the pollution in the air in China is so bad that they do wear masks in public and when outside. Well guess what, the pollution is now world wide, due to chem trails. The trees are dieing off, the water is all turning green,(green algea), and the air is now bad. You didn’t expect them to tell you the truth did ya? Masks will become a permanent thing.

      1. “Masks will become a permanent thing.”
        Are you wearing a mask now in accordance with the so called authorities? If so, you’ve swallowed the big LIE. And will they be mandated by the criminals behind their wet dream of a new world order?

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