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Customs and Border Agents Corner & Draw Gun on Washington Resident Open Carrying

Living Not Surviving – by Ahmed Serag

Rather frightening video coming out of Tacoma, Washington, where a man simply using his video camera is suddenly cornered by 2 Customs and Border Agency Vehicles for “suspicious filming” and “not having a permit”.

The first agent, Daniel, who refused to give his badge number while on duty, takes the situation a  step further and unholsters and draws his gun on the man, after the filming gun owner clearly says he has a gun and is open-carrying, which is completely legal.

While actively being aggressive against the 2nd Amendment supporter and gun owner filming, agent Daniel begins shouting, “gun, he’s got a gun” to other officers. While information on who has and doesn’t have a gun in these situations is crucial, it seems Daniel is not doing this out of training, but out of some drive to elevate the situation, exemplified by his acknowledgement of the gun owner’s property after he himself points it out. 

The agent barely even speaks to the gun owner before pulling a gun out, and goes on to keep the gun out after it’s clear the man filming was showing no signs of aggression and after they themselves admit he has committed no crime but refuse to respond to why the weapon isn’t holstered.

Agent Daniel doesn’t stand down until another agent of the state whispers something in his ear… I can only assume he was calming his bull-dog down by re-assuring him, “we’ll get the next one Daniel”.

Just another incident highlighting the importance of always having access to a camera with wireless upload, having plenty of “citizen journalists”, and continuing to support the Right to self defense and the Second Amendment. Keep exposing tyrants like Daniel, because this is what is really going on and intended by the planners pushing gun “control”.

Ahmed Serag


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4 Responses to Customs and Border Agents Corner & Draw Gun on Washington Resident Open Carrying

  1. diggerdan says:

    So just why did this guy get pulled over in the first place. This seems to me like they held him as a hostage, and isn`t that pretty much the same thing as kidnapping!!! They did draw their guns and used threats of bodily harm when they drew up on this guy for no apparent reason. Sue those F*****s or make a big stink out of this. This crap goes on far too much.

  2. Mark says:

    What a waste of our tax dollars.

  3. BentSpear says:

    Reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “Pigs on the Wing”.

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