The Dailystormer Takedown – An Assault on Free Speech

Published on Aug 20, 2017 by Zionist Report

The commentary below is from :
“The takedown of the Daily Stormer is a moment of epochal significance, rich in implications for the future of the internet and the future of liberty itself. Whether you like or agree with the Daily Stormer, in whole or in part, is beside the point. This is a fundamental test case for freedom of expression. Extraordinary efforts have been made to take this site down. Things without precedent have been done. Think about that. There are sites where jihadis post videos of themselves raping and snuffing their victims; sites where they even offer captured sex slaves for sale. The Powers That Be allow them to stay up. But a satirical website has to be taken down for telling a joke about a fat girl being killed by a car?

As I’ve often observed, almost everyone says they support free speech and almost no one really does. It is in cases like this that commitment to principles is tested and, almost invariably, found wanting. I thought I’d try and keep a record of those who passed the test, normies who disagree with or even despise the Daily Stormer but nonetheless defend its right to exist and its publisher Andrew Anglin’s right to free expression.

If you know of any other examples of Normies defending the Stormer, please link to them in the comments section. Have the Counterjewhad sites said anything about this?”

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