Dallas Gun Buyback Program Countered With Successful “Gun Rescue”

WTF RLY? – by Sean Hass

On January 19th, A local Dallas Presbyterian church held a gun buyback program in attempt to “counter” gun violence in America. Since the church was also destroying the guns they were purchasing, in theory, you could argue they are making a safer home. However this Saturday, another group of citizens exercised their right to a much different version of a safe home just across the street from the gun buyback.

Right on the other side of the Stewpot (where the buyback actually took place), gun enthusiasts along with many others just simply seeking protection for themselves and/or their families rallied to counter the Buyback program and were successful in finding new homes for around 50 guns. In America at this time, guns are nearly impossible to obtain or are extremely overpriced due to fear of coming legislation on guns. So, It was very nice to see many new owners and sellers walk away both equally happy. The Stewpot was paying $50 for most guns brought through the door, and up to $200 for “military style” weapons. Across the street, owners were fetching $350-550 for SKS’s and $200-$400 for most handguns. A much more favorable deal for any seller. Although being reported by media as a “auction”, it was clearly not due to the fact the seller was asked after haggling but before finalizing if they were happy with the price and sure they wanted to sell it, obviously much different than a real auction, and also legal in the State of Texas (which it should be).


All images by Sean Hass

The Stewpot has conflicting numbers on how many guns they collected at this time (between 50-100), but either way unfortunately the defenders of our second amendment were not able to sway every seller that day to come across the street. Although we were all very disappointed to see the waste of such nice pieces of equipment, we all have to respect that it is their right to do so or we will never be able to get respect for our own beliefs. America seems to be torn apart more than ever now, and it seems everyone has to pick a side. But why does it have to be like that? Why can’t we all just mind our own lives and beliefs and stop trying to change that of others. From the right to owning firearms, abortion, marijuana, and stem cell research, it all comes back to what YOU are doing with YOUR own body. No person should be able to tell another what they can or cannot do with their own body. It should be completely sacrilegious. I do agree that companies should not have to pay for emergency contraception, especially if it is against their religious beliefs. And Planned Parenthood should be audited, but telling a women what to do with her body (especially being a man) will never be just nor should it. Just like I believe no one should have the right to tell me how I can defend myself from whatever may come in the future. I know it is hard for some people especially of religious values to accept things like abortion or stem cell research, but choosing to ignore it and not attack it is the only way this will ever be resolved and people respect each others views. This constant mudslinging of Americans does nothing but pull us farther from where we all want to be, which is a decent accepting community where we can all live in and thrive as Americans, pursuing whatever path to happiness that may be since choice is the true definition of America.


Both sides claimed success at the end of the day, and gun activists also mentioned of other “Gun Rescue” events to come in the future. We were also lucky to have a staff member there to capture the event and even got in on some of the action! See if you can find Mr. Incognito.



2 thoughts on “Dallas Gun Buyback Program Countered With Successful “Gun Rescue”

  1. OUTSTANDING IDEA!!! This needs to happen EVERY time one of these buyback programs crops up – across the entire country. That would put a serious crimp in their plans!

  2. This was a great counter-offensive move. Original thinking. We need more such attacks on the Liberal police-state fascists Power to the people!

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