Damascus: 10 killed, 66 Injured in Blast in Christian Quarter of Syrian Capital

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WEB Notes: The NY times documents this was a Christian Quarter. The situation in Syria will not improve as we have documented. Western governments continue to fund and arm the conflict, in essence, creating the conflict themselves. It was announced just days ago Russia and the U.S. will arm both sides of the conflict at the same time. Days before that, the United States and Britain both publicly stated war preparations are underway for Syria.  

(English News) – At least 10 people were killed and 66 others wounded when a booby-trapped car ripped through a busy square in a suburb of Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, state media reported.

The blast rocked al-Soyouf Square in the southeastern suburb of Jaramana, state TV said, airing live footage of the blast scene marked by bloodshed and destruction.

The pro-government Jaramana is largely dominated by Christians and Druze minority and has been subjected to many explosions and mortar attacks carried out by opposition fighters.

The pro-government al-Ekhbariah TV cited some extremist groups’ statements as claiming responsibility for the attack. Previous similar assaults have been claimed by the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front, which was recently blacklisted as a terrorist group by the United States.

The Jaramana blast is the latest of a series of explosions that rocked the capital on Thursday. Earlier, two explosive devices were detonated near a military airbase in al-Mazzeh district and the Dummar area, leaving many people injured.

The explosions come at a time Washington has reportedly pressed ahead with its decision to arm the Syrian rebels.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry accused in a statement Thursday the United States of fueling the 28-month-crisis by arming the rebels. – English News: 10 killed, 66 injured in blast in Syrian capital


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