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The Danger of Open Societies

Published on Apr 28, 2017

What is the inevitable result when you throw your ideological doors open to the whole world? No, you don’t get overrun with cats, but you do get overrun with foreign ideas and values. I talk about why that’s not a good thing.

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4 Responses to The Danger of Open Societies

  1. Freedom Paluzza says:

    Not interested in these stupid millennials. They are products of a lost and depraved generation who allowed our country to be over-run with aliens and who did nothing to stop the occupation. They could care less about the Bill of Rights.

    This millennial needs to learn how to talk, first of all.

    • Mark H says:

      Wow and all of the previous generations including the “greatest generation” are not responsible at all? I don’t care for any of these snow flakes but please tell me you are not that stupid to believe they are responsible for what the current state of affairs are in this country?

      Lets see who is truly to blame for the current line of problems and issues in this country.
      Any of the political hacks who were or are currently in office for say the past 150 years or so and who has been controlling them? Could it be or am I off my rocker?
      If you personally are not to blame please let us all know what it is that you have done to prevent the current situation we are living in?

      Anything that has been done for the past 60 years or so has been done with the reason of implementing communism in this country. That being said all of the labels placed on each generation was done so to help create more separation and isolation of each subsequent generation. greatest, hippies, gen x gen y millennial and so on.
      Why so those who come after the previous will not listen to their elders and learn from the mistakes in the past. I hear a lot of people looking to point fingers at people but neglect to realize they have 3 fingers pointing right back at themselves when they do so.

  2. DL. says:

    As a mother of two millennials (I had my kids beginning at age 35, and the other after I had just turned 40) born in 1988 and 1992–and a Baby Boomer at that, which some like Jim Quinn and other blame for everything (Quinn’s a GenX’er, so what else would you expect? Always blame the previous generation that brought you up, right?), cut the crap about the “snowflake” nonsense–none of my kids are snowflakes! And cut the “generational” “fourth turning Stauss and Howe” crap as well. Like blaming generations for all the ills brought about by evil will solve anyone’s problem. Every single person who has ever lived (except for one, Jesus Christ) has committed evil of some kind, so as I said in another recent post if you want change, look in the mirror and make it happen. As for “Open Society” blaming George Soros for everything won’t work either if you are not willing to fix yourself and do something about it.

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