Danish town outfits homeless with GPS trackers

https://i0.wp.com/cdnph.upi.com/sv/em/upi/UPI-5911411047908/2014/1/4a5ae06bd692a701844ae24921b33c64/Danish-town-outfits-homeless-with-GPS-trackers.jpg?resize=170%2C141UPI – by Ben Hooper

ODENSE, Denmark, Sept. 18 (UPI) — A Danish town outfitted homeless volunteers with GPS devices to help officials track the routines of “those who just want to sit on a bench and drink beers.”

Tom Rodding of Odense council said the city outfitted 20 local homeless people with GPS trackers so officials can keep track of their movements and improve city planning for objects such as benches and shelters.  

“In short, we want to know how we in the council can adapt and keep making offers to the socially marginalized. Those who just want to sit on a bench and drink beers. We know too little about how they move around town,” Rodding told the Metroxpress newspaper.

Rodding said the devices, which the volunteers have been asked to carry in their pockets for one week, will also make it easier for social workers to find those they intend to help.

The officials said the GPS devices were designed to help care homes keep track of dementia patients with a tendency to wander off. He said he has not heard of any other town putting the devices to a similar use.

“As far as I know, this has never been tried anywhere else in the world before,” Rodding said.

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