Dark Days in France

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Despite a moderate economic recovery, President Emmanuel Macron’s government continues to flounder in unpopularity. A recent poll found only 1 in 4 people had a positive view of the French president and his government, while 66% had an outright negative view. Every regime under siege has a choice: improve its performance and unify the country or . . . crack down on critical opposition. The Macron regime has decidedly opted for the latter, proposing yet another law to destroy that pesky last bastion of free speech in France: the Internet.  

The person charged with drafting this new legislation is Laetitia Avia, an MP of Togolese descent, with the support of Parliamentary Undersecretary for Digital Economy Cédric O [sic], a Franco-Korean. The law will require social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to provide “a single alert button, common to all big platform operators” for users to report “cyber-hate” (presumably more visible and uniform than what exists already).

More seriously, tech companies will be liable to massive fines if they do not immediately remove content which might be considered “hateful.” If a platform does not remove such content within 24 hours of notification, it could be fined by the French High Council for Audiovisual (Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel) to the tune of 4% of their global annual turnover. For Twitter for example, this would mean fines of up to a whopping $120 billion. Social media are also expected by the French government to artificially suppress the diffusion of hateful content, by limiting their “virality.”

This renewed push for censorship comes at a time when anti-Zionist critics like the civic nationalist Alain Soral and the comedian Dieudonné are being threatened with years of imprisonment under existing censorship legislation.

Avia defines “cyber-hate” as “any content that is manifestly an incitement to hatred or a discriminatory insult on grounds of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.” But free speech watchdogs have already pointed out that French law is notoriously vague as to what constitutes “hate.” Judges have had to improvise the concept as we have gone along. The combination of the scale of the fine and the swiftness of expected response may mean a devastating chilling effect against free speech: tech operators will have a massive incentive to auto-ban any and all content which might conceivably be considered “hateful” by a CSA bureaucrat or some litigious ethnic lobby. Needless to say, much legitimate content would also be banned.

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3 thoughts on “Dark Days in France

  1. Ban hate speech–unless it targets Christians of course! The RAMBAM (aka Talmudic scumbag Maimonidies, who led the notion of destroying Notre Dame in the medieval period) says so…. and send that Togolese scumbag back where she came from! And she can take that “Franco” Korean with her!

  2. “All this begs the question however: Why do the French not rule themselves? Why don’t the rulers of France rule to promote the interests and freedoms of the French? What would happen if the indigenous French majority were to awaken?”

    So many countries are facing this. The globe is being smothered. A good thing we involved with the un-smothering.


  3. Had to look up a word:

    Definition: Albophobia: an irrational fear or hatred of white people.

    “The current anti-French regime is criminalizing support for French ethno-nationalism and opposition to Jewish ethno-nationalism (anti-Zionism being considered an intolerable form of anti-Semitism). However, a future patriotic French government might consider that any opposition to French ethno-nationalism is an intolerable attack on the French nation’s right to exist and is a particularly virulent form of albophobia, a form of hatred only too common in this world.”

    What a crazy, sad, effed up world.

    Let’s fix it.


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