Four days until the Iowa Caucus and no effort is being spared by the mainstream propaganda machine in doing everything, including pleading with the Iowa voters to not vote for Ron Paul.

People, we must understand that there is a group of individuals in our country who believe they have established themselves as an elitist ruling class.  They live in another world under another set of laws, and if you think they do not look down with contempt on the rest of us, you are foolish to the extreme.
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I would like to have a dollar for every time I have heard it said that we the people cannot elect Ron Paul as our next president.  Ron Paul has been called a kook and even dangerous.  So what makes Ron Paul a dangerous kook?  Well he does not want to invade Iran, start World War III, and see a billion lives and untold fortunes lost.  Pretty kooky, huh?

There is another issue that is just as prominent that is not being reported on.  You see the reason Ron Paul’s anti-war stance is so unacceptable to the power elite is because the wars represent a further opportunity for the transfer of US wealth from the 99% to the 1%, thus the second issue: the threat Ron Paul represents to the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, which in reality is the foundation of all problems facing the American people today.
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In 2011 American businesses created 1.5 million jobs……in other countries.  The United States has lost 3 million jobs in the past three years.  This is how our news is reported.  The facts to be ascertained are simple.  New jobs are not created overseas.  American jobs are moved there.  Citing the statistic of 1.5 million jobs created overseas last year, American corporations say they would have liked to have created those jobs in the US, but they just cannot feel secure until we drop all regulations and stop taxing them completely.

To start with these rich bastards pay no taxes and we all know it.  What they are actually talking out of the sides of their mouths about is an end to corporations paying matched amount in withholding for Social Security and Medicare.  These same corporations would also prefer that we get rid of the minimum wage and child labor laws.  And oh yes, they would like tens of thousands more foreign work visas to be issued to bring in cheap high tech labor.
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The mainstream media is in a frenzy.  Oh yes, it is all about the 2012 election.  I have to believe that our regular readers are becoming about as weary of reading on this subject as I am of writing, but we have to understand the mainstream propaganda machine has been overtly controlling our destiny and affecting our lives since its inception.  I know that the intelligent thinking people out there pay no mind to the attacks on Dr. Ron Paul, but as these attacks are orchestrated using techniques that have worked in the past, we must counter them on every front.

The propagandists will tell a lie mixed with truths and half-truths, hundreds of times a day, and each day a little more truth and half-truth is removed from the lie until it is the pure lie that is being mimicked.  They will do this from the false left and the false right in order to create an illusion of truth through false diversity.  Like I said, we are not listening to this crap, but not every citizen is wide awake yet so we will continue to counter the lies with the truth.
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As Ron Paul sits poised to win in Iowa, the message coming out of the mainstream propaganda machine is that even if Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination, he cannot beat Barack Obama, and they sport their polls as the absolute proof thereof.  But wait a minute, didn’t their polls say Ron Paul not only could not win the GOP nomination, but indeed they said he was a non-contender who would not win a single caucus?  Could it be that the American people of the American race have decided they will not be pushed like a herd of cattle by the elitist propagandists anymore?

It is like this, people.  A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for a war in Iran and the completion of the destruction of our nation.  How does the song go?  You’re a grand ole flag, you’re a high flying flag, and forever in peace may you wave.  What a farce.
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