The second and third videos on the Red Pill Documentaries page are Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death.

The first was released by Alex Jones in the year 2000. In this film Jones infiltrates a get together of some of the richest and most powerful men in the world. This particular assembly of elitists shockingly is centered on the worship of an ancient Canaanite deity known as Moloch. This ancient god is referenced in the Old Testament, and is known for his thirst for the sacrificed souls of young children. In ancient times people would place their children at the base of a giant stone owl statue of Moloch and burn them alive.
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Apparently the mainstream media is now admitting that there might be a “flicker” or even a “sprinkle” of Al Qaeda among the rebels we are supporting in Libya.  Just how many is a “flicker” and is it a “sprinkle” at the bottom or the top?  Or could it be that this whole so called rebellion is nothing more than a black-op being perpetrated via cooperation between our CIA and Al Qaeda? 

If you look back in recent history it can become hard to separate our CIA from Al Qaeda as many Al Qaeda have been on our CIA payroll for decades.  It has come to the point that many in the patriot movement have properly merged them into one organization, Al CIAda. 
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It would seem that Rachel Cohen was not so far off in her article when she suggested that the Japanese would be relocated to the United States.  Tuesday, on FOX Business Lou Dobbs suggested that 150,000 Japanese, whose homes could not be rebuilt because of radiation, be allowed to immigrate to the United States and put in 150,000 homes that previously belonged to 99ers before they were repossessed as a result of the Wall Street meltdown. 

Hell, why not?  The housing market is hurting.  How about this?  The government cashes out the banks for those 150,000 homes, gives them free and clear to the Japanese immigrants and bills it to the taxpayers as a humanitarian stimulus plan?
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Barak Obama is indeed a man of the people.  Sometimes you can actually feel his sincerity when he is speaking of the people.  I believe him when he says it is his deepest wish that the people know justice and freedom and that the people have a right to expect a chance at a future, including prosperity.  The only problem is that when Barry is speaking of the people, he always speaking of the people in another country.

But what should we expect from a non-American citizen of the world that detests the American people because they will not embrace his communist ideals.
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Evidently the crisis at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan is a lot worse than what we’ve been led to believe, which is hard to ascertain as what we have been led to believe ranges from “Oh my God, it’s a nuclear meltdown!” to “Radiation is actually good for you, especially in mother’s milk.” 

I was watching some old clips of the Three Mile Island meltdown on Monday, which was the 30th anniversary of that disaster, and the news clips portrayed genuine concern of an impending doom.  Though there were radiation releases at Three Mile Island as a result of meltdown, the containment systems did eventually bring the situation under control.  The people shown on the old clips all displayed looks on their faces that said, “What the hell were we thinking?  We have got to stop this right now.” 
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From The Trenches has recently added a new page called Red Pill Documentaries. This section of the site can be a very effective tool for those people who would like to wake up their friends and family to the corruption of our government and the willful destruction of our constitution and bill of rights.

These documentaries can also be helpful to those of us who know that our government has been taken over, but are not sure as to who has taken it over or how they have done it. I believe that in order for us to regain our rights and freedoms, the citizens of this country have to wake up and see the whole picture.
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President Obama has stated that the operations for the so called no-fly-zone will be turned over by the United States to NATO.  I just have one little problem with this and that is that the NATO command structure is the United States.  But I guess we should not be surprised as our air military offensive is being labeled as a humanitarian mission.

I am continually dumbfounded by the elite’s total disregard for the intellect of the common man in the United States.  So let’s see how the phrase “humanitarian mission” is being defined in our world today. 
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The mainstream media is reporting that one of the reactors at the Fukushima Plant at Japan is melting down.  I guess it is a good thing that we have this conflict over in Libya to take our minds off the radiation; otherwise we might be scared stupid.  But then stupid must assuredly be what those in power think we are.

Since the earthquake and tsunami that facilitated the failure at the nuclear power plant, those who purport to be in charge of informing us have inundated us with a thousand little assertions that all contradict one another, in an effort to keep us in a state of uncertainty, when the situation on its face dictates that the consequences of the disaster are dire and destined to be worldwide.
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The U.S. Senate is back in session and the Congress returns today.  I’m sure they are well rested and eager to get back to work at transferring what little wealth the poor and middle class have left into the coffers of the rich.  And what has our champion Barbara Lee been up to?  Well it would seem that she is actually a real go-getter.  She wasn’t just sitting around on Spring Break.  She was doing what a representative is supposed to do and that is speak for the American people.

On March 23, 2011, last Wednesday, Barbara Lee put out two press releases.  The first was a statement acknowledging the passing of Elizabeth Taylor.  The second contained the following: Congresswoman Lee was joined by 121 House colleagues, including 35 Republicans, to send a letter to the United States Postal Service requesting that they issue a commemorative postage stamp to honor the life and legacy of former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.
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Whether the unemployment legislation passed in Oregon will help a single 99er will not be ascertained until the week of April 17th as it will not take effect until then.  From what I have read I do not believe the legislation is for 99ers, but rather for those who have not yet reach 99 weeks.

During the duration of time when I was drawing my unemployment in the State of Oregon the state passed several extensions in order to get the unemployed through to the next federal extension. 
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Those posing as our representatives have evacuated Washington DC as calls for Obama’s impeachment resonate throughout the land.  Does anyone think that just perhaps they might have timed the Libyan invasion to coincide with the government’s Spring Break?  They seem to think they have the American people so well trained that any outrage will be forgotten within a week.  Tell me it isn’t so.

The propagandists are pulling out all stops in their effort to sell the war in Libya to the American people.  In one propagandist’s stunt they had a Libyan woman supposedly come into the area where foreign reporters were being quartered and start screaming that the pro-government forces had raped and beaten her. 
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There are now an estimated 50 million people in America who compose the Latino population.  It is being said in literally every forum that Latinos will decide our 2012 election.  There is just one problem.  40 million of those Latinos are in this country illegally, so it must be realized that the status quo intends that 30 million citizens of other countries will decide our next election, and after doing so will use their political power to have themselves granted amnesty and citizenship.

How can we true Americans allow this plan to go forward?  We have to look at what has really transpired here.  40 million invaders from North, Central, and South America have crossed our southern border.  They have then infiltrated our body politic and are now attempting a takeover through what can only be described as internal espionage.
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It seems that every time an article on From the Trenches  gets picked up by a larger site and we see a growth spurt it is immediately followed by an attack.   When I see an IP coming onto the comments section with different names attached, my first thought is Troll, but I have to be careful as there are some people out there who are so paranoid that they think this tactic will somehow protect them from being identified with our site.

The fact is if you come on this site as Curious George and the government wants to know who you are, it is not even an effort for them to find out.  And one might ask his or herself what has this country come to if we have to be afraid to express ourselves freely.  So for the paranoid out there I will explain the following.
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Syrian government forces fired on unarmed protesters Friday, killing 15.  So does this mean Syria now meets the criteria for a U.S. invasion?  How about we just quit fiddling around and enact a no-fly-zone over the entire Middle East?  This should be sufficient to drive oil prices to $200 per barrel.  And if we could actually engage ground troops we could conceivably create a military crisis which would require us to tap our reserves and institute gas rationing. 

Yeah, that should work to persuade the American people to allow drilling in the Alaskan wilderness.  After which we will happily pay $5.00 per gallon for our own gas.  No let’s make that $6.00 per gallon; I forgot the federal government wants to create new tax revenues to pay for interstate highways. 
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After a week’s rest our Congress will be taking a couple more weeks off for Spring Break and truly this is not unreasonable as screwing the American people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week has to be exhausting.  And now the Tea Party is reportedly upset because the Republicrats are not cutting spending enough.

 When the Tea Party first grew up from its grass roots while Bush was in office, I thought it was a good movement that was bound to cause positive change.  And evidently so did the enemies of the 99ers and the middle class.  This is when rich elitists like the Koch brothers stepped up and financed the infiltration and takeover of the Tea Party by the Neo-Cons.
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It is reported that Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.  That is not the only area in reference to jobs that Nevada is leading in.  They also have the highest percentage of jobs being worked by illegal aliens at 10%.  To put it in terms that even the most liberal among us can understand, if every job in Nevada being worked by an illegal was being worked by legal citizens currently unemployed, their unemployment rate would be at about 4%.

New York City also sports 10% of its work force as illegal aliens.  And in the overall picture 70% of all illegal aliens in New York City have a job.
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More American auto workers are facing layoffs as General Motors says it is going to shut down its plant in Shreveport, Louisiana next week.  Also Toyota has announced that it might be shutting down several of its plants in the United States, and it is reported that Ford and Chrysler may follow suit.  So what is the problem?  Are the employees making too much money?  Are their retirement packages too generous and their medical benefits too extravagant?

No, that is not it at all.  The fact is it beginning to look, more and more every day, like the United States cannot build an automobile without components imported from Japan.  So there you go there is the proof for all of you out there still denying that our industrial base has been shipped out of this country.
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New details of the Obama administration’s involvement with Muammar Gaddafi’s government have emerged as U.S. warplanes continue to bomb Libyan cities.  Apparently over the past five years the American taxpayer has provided Libya with $5 million in the form of weapons and training for their military.  And Obama’s current budget, which is under debate, is to provide for another $1.7 million. 

Of course there has been a hold placed on that stipulation, but the undeniable fact that Gaddafi was recently considered a U.S. ally cannot be denied.
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Never does the lie of the false left-right paradigm stand out more clearly than when a president, whether Demopublican or Republicrat, takes an action for the corporate elite which can only be considered detrimental to the country and to the people.  The propagandists from the false left and the false right are now coming out in unison and brotherhood in support of the unconstitutional invasion of Libya.

I heard the most outrageous assertions from both CNN and FOX.  One talking head tried to put forth the idea that the War Powers Act needed to be repealed because it limited presidential prerogatives for going to war.  The fact is that without the War Powers Act the president could not take us into war under any circumstances without the consent of Congress.
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