The number of new jobless claims filed for the week was 429,000, the highest number since January.  There are 8.2 million Americans drawing unemployment benefits.  There are 15 million 99ers and probably another 10 million long term unemployed.  We are losing jobs by the thousands every day, both to downsizing in the United States and through their export to other countries.  Yet I heard a journalist say the unemployment rate dropped to 8%.

There is only one way all of this can make sense.  There must have been a massive explosion on the sun that shifted us into a parallel universe wherein the laws of math and physics that we have known all of our lives cease to exist.  The equation, e=mc2, is now BS=QE2 times the rate of inflation at the speed of light (25 mph) divided by 1 (which is the number people who actually believe this shit anymore) = 8% unemployment in a booming economy.  I guess now that we understand it we can all stop worrying and get on with our lives.
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I was watching FOX Business this morning and Stuart Varney revealed that he had cried while watching the royal wedding.  Varney was born in England and is a naturalized citizen of the United States, leading me to believe he holds dual citizenship. 

So why do I care?  Well for the same reason I care whether or not Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro is a citizen of the United States.  You see when Varney cried it wasn’t because he was watching his daughter get married, or even a close friend.  He cried because his pride in his British heritage became too overwhelming to hold inside.  Stuart Varney could easily be a poster child for mixed loyalty of naturalized citizens of the United States.
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I’m going to let you people in on a closely guarded secret and that is Britain’s Prince William is marrying a commoner, one Kate Middleton, today.  If you are not privy to this secret you have to be living under a rock.  Since November the mainstream propagandists have been shoving these piss ant monarchs in our faces like we were still a British colony.  Well, we are not. 

The very idea of a queen, king, prince, or princess is repugnant to the idea of a republic that places its emphasis on the natural god given rights of the individual.  The assertion that any person’s life is of a higher value for no other reason than the vagina they happened to come out of is enough to make a free man want to puke. 
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So what is new with the 99er issue?  Well, I just got a whole six week extension from the State of Oregon, thus proving that states can step in and remedy the situation that the federal government refuses to acknowledge.  I believe the State of Oregon had alternative motives for its action as crime is running rampant here; you can’t lay down a pencil in the library without someone pinching it. 

The Californians coming to Oregon to develop and sell our real estate are starting to have a little problem getting people to come here, as even in the best neighborhoods home break-ins and person to person robberies are becoming the rule rather than the exception.  Convenience stores, even in the smaller areas are being hit, not to mention the banks.
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I am at present watching what has to be the most intense propaganda blitz I have ever witnessed.  These propagandists are not going to be believed because they are moving with ludicrous speed.  I watched Chris Matthews of MSNBC talking with Eugene Robbins for The Washington Post and Howard Fineman for The Huffington Post.  They looked like three crack junkies deciding who is going to go get the next bag.  It was then suggested that to doubt the authenticity of the document Barry put forth today equated to unreasonable thought. 

So old Barry the Rat was getting close to being exposed as the illegitimate son of a socialist he is and just as it was starting to come out that Barry might have had connections with the CIA prior to being elected, Ala Kazam!!  That long form birth certificate that had been so elusive for two years, over two short days just materialized.  Why shouldn’t I believe it? 
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President Barack Hussein Obama released a long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, which would seem to indicate that he was born there.  Obama said the issue was “silly” and was diverting the people’s attention from the more serious issues in our country.  Sorry, no sale.

Obama spent $2 million stopping discovery in a federal law suit filed by Philip Berg.  So why would Obama spend $2 million if all he had to do was what he did today, produce his birth certificate?  Well the discovery was a little more complicated and was asking for a bit more than his birth certificate.
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I have mentioned in past articles that when we were children in school we were fed the lie that any one of us could grow up and be the President of these United States.  Though my life, since becoming old enough to vote, I have found that there is a select group from both the false left and the false right which represents our choice, or lack thereof as to who will lead us. 

There are 310 million people in the United States.  Logic would dictate that if every citizen eligible to become president actually had a fair and equal chance, the odds of the same name or names coming up in two elections would be a lot like those of winning the lottery.
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In spite of a constant barrage from CNN and MSNBC attempting to portray the birther issue as a conspiracy theory put forth by a handful of right wing nuts, 62% of Americans now believe that President Obama was not born in this country.  Hence CNN came forth with a so called investigation that they say settles the issue once and for all in that Obama was born in Hawaii. 

So what new evidence have they discovered?  Well they showed a computer generated certificate of live birth and some old newspaper articles.  Aren’t these the documents that 62% of the Americans are disputing?  I guess CNN thinks that if one of their talking heads comes forth and says, “We have conducted an investigation and found that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii” that we the people would just say, “CNN has investigated, so what they say must be true.”
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Syndicated radio host Alex Jones of and has shown his true colors once again.  On Jones’ broadcast yesterday, when describing those who would join with the government against our Republic, he included the poor and those on welfare and food stamps.  You see Alex has never been poor so he associates it with something dirty.  He believes all poor people enjoy living in poverty. 

Alex is an elitist.  His syndicated radio broadcast and websites bring in a million plus every year.  We have several of his videos on our Red Pill Documentaries page and that is because they are factual and backed by documentation.  The problem is Alex has come to see the truth as a commodity with a large earning potential.  The reason he does not care to spit on the poor is because they have no money and thus are not a part of his market demographic.
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My next review from our Red Pill Documentaries page is End Game: Blueprint for Global Enslavement. This film was created in 2007 by Alex Jones, and in my opinion it is his best work. It focuses on the global elite, in particular the Bilderberg Group and their plans to eliminate ninety percent of the earth’s population.

The documentary presents a huge amount of information regarding the global elite, and shows how the same global banking syndicates have financed both sides of every major war, going back to the late eighteenth century. The film points out how on the eighteenth of June 1815 Nathan Rothschild was able to steal control of the majority of wealth in Britain, through lies and fraud. Jones continues by showing how the Rothschild Family and other global financiers used World War I to turn the death of millions of people into a huge profit.      

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Fifty years ago the idea of any citizen of the United States openly being spied on by our own government would have stirred outrage to the point that the government or private industry would not have dared.  Now, as a result of the technological revolution the idea of personal privacy seems to be on its way to becoming an antiquated notion.

With the enactment of the Patriot Act, overnight it became acceptable to record our phone calls, our computer transactions, and even to come into our homes and search them while we are away and without warrant.  Those in our government had to be holding their collective breaths knowing that the enactment of the Patriot Act was in reality a nullification of our most basic constitutional protections.  Instead of saying, “Wow we got away with that one without a revolution.”  They said, “Wow if they let us get away with that, the sky is the limit.”
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Well surprise, surprise, after investigating the situation on the ground in Libya, Senator John McCain is advocating that the United States take back control of NATO operations and commit more military assets for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.  Score one for the industrial war complex.  And who did they bring in to back up McCain’s position?  Connecticut’s Senator Joe Lieberman, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Last week Jim Tucker, an American journalist, reported inside information he had obtained about the Bilderberg Group that outlines, in essence, a plan to further destabilize the Middle East and draw the United States into a war to subjugate Iran for Israel.

McCain and Lieberman both expounded the need to do away with Gaddafi, both hinting that our predator drones could be used for this purpose. 
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I have waited until late to write today’s article in hope that there would be some news of an Easter Project protest somewhere.  Well, I guess if nothing else I no longer have to put up with anyone coming on the site and saying “All you people do is talk about it, no one is offering solutions.”  The problem is not nor has it ever been that nothing could be done to address the situation.  It is just that no one wants to do anything to take on the problem.  It is so easy to just sit back and wait for somebody else to make the sacrifice to affect the change.  Maybe this is why the Egyptians put up with the abuse they did for 50 years before acting.

When I first became a 99er I was determined to address the situation.  To me, it was war.  So I looked at my meager resources and reasoned as to how I could make them cause the maximum effect.  This site and the articles I have written represent the best I could do with what I have.
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Well there must be an election coming up as the buzz about Washington DC once again is jobs, jobs, jobs.  403,000 people filed new jobless claims last week. 

Unions are boycotting “Right to Work” states, expounding quite honestly that what “Right to Work” really means is the right to work for a substandard wage which can only drive down our standard of living.

The sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona is reporting that illegals are still crossing our border by the hundreds of thousands.  These illegals are at present working 30 million U.S. jobs at below minimum wage, thus further driving down our standard of living. 
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Senator John McCain has gone to Libya to assess the conditions on the ground.  McCain has been a staunch supporter of the invasion of Libya since its conception.  He is now saying the rebels in Libya are his heroes.  Seeing as how his own hero-ship as a Viet Nam veteran and prisoner of war is a sham, this so called rebel army should suit him right down to the ground. 

Those who were in the Hanoi Hilton with McCain say he received preferential treatment and capitulated to the North Vietnamese immediately upon his arrival.  He fathered an illegitimate child with a North Vietnamese woman who was his nurse.   His son, John McCain Vu Khaon is currently Minister of Bicycles of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
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So is anything new happening on the job scene?  Yes.  Back when Barry Soetoro was running for President he made the following statement on November 3, 2007: “When I am president, I will end the tax giveaways to companies that ship our jobs overseas, and I will put the money in the pockets of working Americans, and seniors, and homeowners who deserve a break.”  The Prince of Lies, not only have the giveaways not stopped, but the rate our jobs are being shipped out has increased.

Barry recently named CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, to head his Council on Jobs and Investment.  Good call, Barry.  GE reported that their corporate earnings were up 77% in 2010.  GE paid zero federal taxes in 2009 and 2010.  GE received a tax benefit of $2.3 billion in 2010. 
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